December 10, 2023


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No Bombs in Bangkok on 28th January 2016 

Yesterday evening, we received disturbing news on a possible bomb blast in Bangkok in Rama 4 as reported by Guang Ming Daily Malaysia. We are traveling in Bangkok now so this morning we received a few messages from Malaysia regarding this news.

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From their posting on their Facebook Page, it reads “泰國曼谷的拉瑪4路今晚發生爆炸,現場火光熊熊,死傷情況不明。暫未知是否與恐襲有關。” or Rama 4 Road, Bangkok, Thailand exploded tonight, live fire raging, killing love. Condition unknown.Temporarily unknown whether the terrorist attack related.

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Since we are still in Bangkok, we would like to say, this news is fake. There is no BOMB in Bangkok, the fire is at a BMW showroom in Rama 4. We hope newspaper dailies can be more credible in reporting their news and not spreading rumours or fears without knowing the real reason.

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