December 11, 2023


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The World Best Gelato at Cow and The Moon

Where to taste the world’s best gelato? How about in Sydney Australia? In 2014, the family run gelato and coffee bar Cow and The Moon took the title in Gelato World Tour in Rimini, Italy.

cow and the moon sydney

The gelato bar which is based in Enmore in Sydney took the title with one of their creations, the Mandorla Affogato Flavour. How does it taste like?

cow and the moon store sydney

Well for that, we took the effort of visiting the gelato bar in Enmore and it is located within minutes of taxi ride from Sydney CBD.

cow and the moon more gelato flavours

Since we were there early, there wasn’t a queue but the bar was already quite packed. They offer quite a number of own gelato creations and you will be spoil for choice.

cow and the moon gelato flavours

If you want to taste the winning gelato, it is called the Mandorla Affogato. The cup of gelato starts from $5 including the winning gelato.

cow and the moon mandorla affogato world best gelato

The taste didn’t blow my mind maybe we are expecting too much from it. However, the taste is unique for sure and you need to slowly enjoy it to taste the flavours behind this winning gelato.

The base is Madagascan vanilla base with hints of single origin coffee as well as caramelised almonds from Italy. Vanilla base ice cream is fragrant and you get the sweet and crunchy texture from the caramelised almonds with slight hints from the coffee.

We only taste the winning gelato and there are still plenty of other flavours to taste. Is it worth the visit? Well, in my opinion it is not easy to find a world champion gelato to taste so to taste one, the experience is memorable.

Cow and The Moon Address:

181 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

Phone:(02) 9557 4255

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