December 1, 2023


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How did I Lose 4kg in 8 Days

Overweight and obesity is common in Malaysia. Almost half of the 30 million Malaysians are either overweight or obese according to statistics. Well, I am one of the millions in the obesity category.

nexus clinic 4kg

It is a long journey to be obese and it should be more than 15 years already? It didn’t take long for me to take notice of the side effects of being obese. High blood pressure, tiredness, fatigue and other health risks.

This year, I smashed my own record. On top of getting more readers and views on our blog, I finally break the 100kg and reached 103.5 kg recently. Nope, it is not a joke and definitely I am living on a dangerous life.

I tried many things to do lose weight but nothing seems to work. Rachel signed me up for gym last year but I wasn’t motivated to visit. Money lost and nothing happened. Yes, there are many excuses to skip gym especially you are doing it alone. Motivation is the key of success and you need ‘gym buddies’ or pay personal trainers for that.

Since I travel almost every month, it is really difficult for me to visit the gym consistently. Thus, I need something more flexible and more permanent. I want to change my eating habit.

I need a professional help by professional doctors in losing weight. That’s why I visit Nexus Clinic at Menara UOA. It is not for me to say which is the best loss weight program for me as I am not the expert. If I am the expert, I won’t be obese.

nexus clinic first consultant
Checking with doctor with my weight issue in Nexus Clinic.

I am undergoing the HCG program. It is low calorie diet program which requires daily HCG injections. Don’t worry, the injections won’t even hurt more than an ant bite.

nexus clinic with doctors
In Nexus Clinic with Dr Joseph and Dr Jasmine.

Basically, I am having around 500 calories worth of food every day. Sounds crazy? It is just change of eating habits, substituting some drinks with water, tea and coffee. I am on the third week of the program and still doing it.

nexus clinic 4kg large
The end result in 8 days, 4 kg drop.

My course of the diet program is 40 days and I am on the 17th day and I will reveal how much I loss in two weeks in my part 2 story later. For 8 days, I lost 4kg. From 103.3 kg down to 93.3 kg, drop my weight back to double digits. The most important thing is I am getting healthier.

Losing weight is not about me anymore, it relates to my family and my children. We can pursue wealth when we are healthy but it doesn’t work the other way around.

If you are into lose weight for better health, you can contact Nexus Clinic at Menara UOA KL at +603-2163 5699. You can also visit their website at for more info.

I used to keep telling myself to start diet tomorrow, a day after, next week or next month. Make the appointment so you make a move ahead rather giving more excuses. For better heatlh.


About Nexus Clinic

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