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9 Things You Should Know About ThaiFex 2016 

This is the third time we travelled to Bangkok this year and the first time we visited ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA). We were invited by our friends in Thailand to check out ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA)held at IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center. This is one of the biggest convention center and there are many popular events held here such as the annual Thailand International Motor Show and even the recent Madonna concert were held here. The IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center is located near the Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok.

9 Things You Should Know About ThaiFex 2016

THAIFEX-World of Food Asia, Asia’s leading annual food and hospitality show, features a five-day showcase running from 25 – 29 May 2016, providing a platform for regional and international food importers and exporters to connect with trade visitors from Asia and worldwide.

We spent the whole day walking around at ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA). This is by far the most impressive food event we attended. Since some readers and friends asked us about this food event, we listed 9 Things You Should Know About ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA)

1.The largest Food Fair in Thailand

It is a crowded food fair.

ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA) comes with 80,000 sqm of exhibition space and that translate to 861,112.83 square feet. This year the event offers 10,000 sqm than last year and makes it the largest ThaiFex World of Food Asia (WOFA) event. We took hours to walk around the event and you will be amazed by the size and also the amount of booths in ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA).

2.This is an annual event

Many food companies and food booths at ThaiFex 2016

THAIFEX – World of Food Asia (WOFA) is an annual affair. This year marks its 13th edition and if you are involve in Food and Beverages (F&B) industry, remember to check out their event next year.

3.Over 1,000 Exhibitors

ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA) is not just about the size but numbers too. There are over 1,000 exhibitors in this food event. Sounds crazy? Now you understand why it took us hours of walking around here.

4.20 Countries Participating

Shows and events at ThaiFex 2016

ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA) is not just a local food event. This year, there are twenty countries participating the event and the newcomers include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Chile, India, Norway and Ukraine participating. Of course, you can find countries like Malaysia and Singapore participating in this event annually.

5.Hundreds of Food Products

We took hundreds of pictures of different food products and exhibitors. They are very generous for food samplings and you can take as much as you want. There are dozens of similar food products and competition here is very strong and fierce. We tasted dozens of different types of seaweed, snacks, drinks, rice and you name it.

One of the hundreds food products in ThaiFex 2016.

It is also very well organized as you can find different types of food genres in different sections. There are sections for drinks, snacks, seafood and also food machines such as coffee machines and ovens.

There is also a mixture of local and International food and they are available for sale. It is cheaper to buy it here as they just want to do their branding and clear stocks.

6.The crowd

It is a very healthy crowd at ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA). Since the event opened for food corporates and businesses days earlier, the weekend crowd is for consumers only.

The crowd at ThaiFex 2016 Singha Booth

It is like a family day, lots of people mostly locals. However, it is very well organized. There are enough walkways for everyone and it is not like the packed events in Malaysia.

You can find locals with shopping trolleys in this event. Some are personal trolleys while some are provided by IMPACT. Everyone was enjoying their time in food tasting and bargain hunting.

7.The pretty female promoters

When we posted some of the pictures of the female promoters of ThaiFex 2016, we received many interesting feedbacks. Like the Thailand International Motorshow, the food companies also hire pretty girls to promote their products and branding.

Most of them are in their custom made uniforms not only just carrying the brands but also attracting crowds. Many of them are photo and camera ready and they don’t mind sharing their Facebook and Instagram accounts with you. You can tell some are popular female promoters as they have thousands of fans and followers.

ThaiFex 2016 World of Food Asia (WOFA) is not just a food fair but the feast for your eyes.

8.Creative Promotions from Food Exhibitors

There over 1,000 exhibitors and they offer healthy competitions. Some of them they hire pretty girls to promote their food and for branding. They will walk around approach everyone for food tasting. The girls are very popular with everyone.

There are also girls dancing in front of the booth to attract the crowd. Loud music with sexy moves, the girls are definitely crowd pullers.

The mascots

Another popular promotional method is the mascot. Mascot is very popular with families especially the kids. They are very children magnet and the kids love taking pictures with them.

Food tasting session

Facebook and Instagram likes for free products. The traditional way of getting more likes in brands social media accounts in exchange of free gifts and products. This is old but it still works.

Celebrities live!

Offering live shows such as talk shows or cooking shows at with local artists, celebrities or models. This is quite popular as the influencers pulled the crowd to gather around the booth. This is another traditional methodology that works.

9.Creative Food Exhibitor Designs

Lastly, there are dozens of really cool exhibitor designs. Some of them showcase their products in their design while so uses the LED panels and screens.

ThaiFex 2016 Blue Elephant Booth

Some of the notable food booths are from Singha, SunLee, TVI, Blue Elephant and more. While some excels, some doesn’t.

Strangely Singha and Chang go head on side by side at ThaiFex 2016. While Chang goes for more conventional design, Singha goes for more classy, vintage and appealing design.

ThaiFex 2016 Chang Beer Booth Empty?
ThaiFex 2016 Singha Taste Of Life Booth
ThaiFex 2016 Chang Beer design
ThaiFex 2016 Singha Booth classy vintage design
Selfie with Singha Girls

The winner goes to Singha for sure as you can tell from the crowd, the food available as well as its promoters. Singha just won the competition in every single department. This is a fine example of exhibition design actually appeals and also attract more customers. We are not writing this up so we took the video of the both booths when we were there yesterday.

ThaiFex 2016 is an eye opener for us and we hope to visit again next year for more good food. This is really a memorable experience for us and also our tummy, lots of good food in ThaiFex 2016.

Selfie in front of the cool 3D Singha branding.

THAIFEX – World of Food Asia (www.worldoffoodasia.com) is organised by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd in partnership with Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion and The Thai Chamber of Commerce. For more information on THAIFEX-World of Food Asia, please visit www.worldoffoodasia.com

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  1. You looks so happy to be at the snacks area…but even more happy at the Singha booth..ehehhehe… really need to buck up and go on some thai food hunting now….

  2. Their event is so interesting as they got brilliant promoting skills like what you have said (thai girl promoter) ! Bring me go next time ..haha..

  3. so happening the Thaifex. The beautiful dress well and sexy. Malaysia, food expo not so fun 😛

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