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Emerald Cave Koh Muk in Trang

This is one of the hidden gems of Southern Thailand for decades. The Emerald Cave or also known as Tham Morakat in thai is located on the Koh Muk island off Trang. Trang is two hours of driving away from Krabi International Airport. We visited Trang a couple of times and we love this place.

emerald cave trang

Koh Muk is located at the south of Koh Lanta island and there are day tours available from Trang only. You can always check the local operators whether in the town or in Pak Meng area. Most of the hotels do provide Emerald Cave tours.

You will depart from the Pak Meng pier and it is a full day tour. The full day tour includes snorkelling, simple lunch box and also the visit to Emerald Cave. There is also an option of the long tail boat or speed boat at a higher rate.

What is so special about this Emerald Cave?

emerald cave island marakot sign

Within the Emerald Cave, there is a pool and the beach. It is the beach within the island and not many places in the world you can find such spot. The pool within the island is called the Crystal Pool of Koh Muk.

When you reached the island, you will need to put on your safety vest. Whether you are a pro swimmer or not, just follow the rules for safety reasons.

emerald cave island trang entrance

There will be a rope and everyone hold it and will swim into the cave in a long line. Like a long line of human refugees, I am just joking of course.

emerald cave island trang swimming into

After two minutes, there will be moments of complete darkness with no sunlight of all. Of course, we were using a cheap waterproof camera back then to take pictures within the cave.

If you have a phobia of darkness (we can’t recall the exact term), you probably be screaming right now. After another few minutes, you start to see a light at the end of the cave.

emerald cave trang entrance 2

You will then reach the beautiful Crystal Pool of Koh Muk as if you swim to another world.

emerald cave trang beach within island
Emerald Cave Koh Muk in Trang
emerald cave trang hidden beach

The pool is small and the water in this region is emerald in colour. Similar to the waters on the islands of Krabi and Phuket.

emerald cave trang hidden beach view

There is a little jungle in the middle of the island with a huge hole on top. You can get sunlight and how awesome if we can get a drone shot on top of this island.

emerald cave trang jungle within island

We didn’t spend a long time here as it was quite busy as more tourists are coming in. Really can’t imagine if this place is popular and how packed it can be.

emerald cave trang beach within island view
emerald cave trang swimming inside

Most of the tourists here are locals and we spotted a few Westerners.

emerald cave island places and foods

This is one of those memorable places you visit and it is so near to our home. The beauty of Trang is it is quiet and very laid back. The hotel prices in Trang is very reasonable and the view of the Pak Meng beach is spectacular. We hope you can visit the Emerald Cave one day and share your thoughts on this.

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