February 6, 2023

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Fugu Fin Sake at Aji Ekamai Bangkok

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Fugu Fin Sake at Aji Ekamai Bangkok

Aji Japanese Restaurant is located at Big C Ekamai. It is a regular restaurant for Japanese and you know it is a good restaurant. Usually Japanese only patronise good Japanese restaurant as they are picky in terms on the taste and quality of the food. That’s why Aji is often packed with Japanese instead of locals.

At Aji, they offered a very unique sake. It is Fugu Fin Sake. It is uncommon sake and we didn’t hesitate to order this unique drink. Fugu or better known as the puffy fish is a very poisonous fish but yet it is a delicacy in Japan. Only certified masterchef is allowed to cut fugu and most importantly removed the poisons. It is best served as sashimi to taste the freshness and juiciness of the flesh.

Look at the amount of Japanese liquors parked by their customers.

It is a very expensive dish in Japan and a dangerous one too. A single mistake by the masterchef can cost lives of the customers. However, we had the taste of the fins so it is not dangerous. Served with ceramic cup, the fugu fin sake is served hot and covered with cover.

As we opened the cover, you get smell the faint scent of the Fugu fin. The scent is fishy and it has slight similarity scent of shark fins.

Fugu Fin Sake by Aji Ekamai.

The sake is warm and it is strong in character. The taste is fragrant and somehow the fishy scent blends well with sake. We enjoyed it very much and ordered two of them.

On top of that, we also ordered their sushi. The sushi is very fresh and tasty and we don’t mind coming back again.

The Fugu Fin Sake is a unique drink and we truly enjoyed its exquisite taste. We are looking forward to visit Aji restaurant again next time in Bangkok. The restaurant is 15 min walk from Ekamai BTS Station.

Aji Ekamai Address:

78, Big C Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63 Road, Phra Khanong Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok, 10260, Thailand

Phone:+66 2 714 8367

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