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Ginza Tenkuni St. Regis Kuala Lumpur: Edo Style Tempura

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Ginza Tenkuni St. Regis Kuala Lumpur: Edo Style Tempura

There are two popular Japanese restaurants in St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. We blogged about Taka by Sushi Saito (a popular three starred Michelin restaurant in Tokyo and the other one is Ginza Tenkuni. Taka by Sushi Saito is a sushi restaurant while Ginza Tenkuni is a Japanese tempura restaurant.

taka by sushi saito st regis kl

Ginza Tenkuni is one of the veterans of tempura in Japan and they have been serving Edo-style tempura since 1885. Yeah, they have been selling tempuras for over 130 years in Tokyo. Aren’t we happy they have a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur?

ginza tenkuni st regis tempura area

Ginza Tenkuni and Taka by Sushi Saito shared the same restaurant space of eight private dining rooms and twelve seats over the counter. Thus, there is also a separate sushi counter for Taka by Sushi Saito.

taka by sushi saito st regis kl mynn

We were there with Mynn as we wanted to taste this unique tempura restaurant and also Taka by Sushi Saito. Thus, we booked a private room for free and we ordered lunch sets from both restaurants. This answers some of the questions asked by our readers about the ordering system. You can order food from both restaurants as it is under the same management if not mistaken.

taka by sushi saito st regis kl huge door

The restaurant is small, intimate and we enjoyed the privacy there. The room is comfortable and we were very impressed with their Japanese tableware as well as their courteous service staffs.

taka by sushi saito st regis kl tableware

A glance at their menu, the food prices here are not cheap and we expected it since it is in St. Regis and Ginza Tenkuni is a popular restaurant in Japan.

Ginza Tenkuni St. Regis Lunch Menu
Ginza Tenkuni St. Regis Dinner Menu

The lunch set starts from RM 250 nett and the dinner set starts from RM 500 nett. Thus, we ordered the Anzu (Apricot) Lunch Set Menu and it comes entrée, salad, 2 prawns, 1 seafood, 3 vegetables, kakiage and dessert.

Raw snapper with Soramame and Octopus

ginza tenkuni apricot lunch set snapper appetizer

The entree is carved raw snapper with soramame and octopus. The snapper is beautifully crafted and it compliments well with soramame (boiled broad beans) and the piece of octopus.


ginza tenkuni apricot lunch set salad

There is also a bowl of salad with mixture of greens such as radish, cherries, green peas and edible flowers. A refreshing bowl of greens before the tempura mains.

The Anzu (Apricot) Tempura Set

ginza tenkuni apricot lunch set menu top view
Ginza Tenkuni St. Regis Anzu Tempura Set

The tempura set comes with Kisu fish, Prawn, Pumpkin and Japanese pepper. The kisu fish is Japanese whiting.

ginza tenkuni apricot lunch tempura
Ginza Tenkuni St. Regis Anzu Tempura Set

The food lightly coated with batter and deep dried to bright yellow in colour. It is all about their technique of cooking their tempura food and also the custom blend of cooking oil. For the food, the taste is good as the ingredients are air flown three times a week from Tokyo. That’s why you get the top quality food from Japan and you pay for it. With history of over a century, they have perfected their tempura.

ginza tenkuni apricot lunch dipping sauce
Ginza Tenkuni tentsuyu dipping sauce

Ginza Tenkuni is also popular with their tentsuyu dipping sauce. Just dip the food lightly so it compliments each other with overwhelming the taste of the tempura.

ginza tenkuni apricot lunch set kakiage

The Anzu lunch set also comes with kakiage course. There are three different types of kakiage courses but you can only choose one. The chef’s recommendation is the kakiage with rice and sweet sauce. It comes with side dish of radish lightly seasoned with vinegar and a bowl of miso soup.

ginza tenkuni apricot lunch set dessert

For desserts, it is the selection of Japanese fruits of rock melon, mango and konyaku (jelly). The mango is sweet like Thai mangos and a piece is definitely not enough. For the rock melon, it is the juiciest and sweetest ever we tasted in our lifetime. It feels like orgasm in the mouth and now we understand why Japanese rock melons are so expensive as they taste so good!

taka by sushi saito st regis kl mynn lee wilson selfie

Please take not the set comes with either hot or cold ocha (Japanese green tea).

taka by sushi saito st regis kl places and foods

Is it worth the money? Well, we truly enjoyed our experience in Ginza Tenkuni. The food is good for sure and the Japanese fruits are memorable especially for the rock melon. We will definitely come back again but not so soon. This place is not cheap and we need to save for next round.

This is not a sponsored or paid review and we went there like any other guests. No special treatment or special meals.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM,

6:00 PM – 12:00 AM


Taka by Sushi Saito Address:

Level 3A, The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

No. 6,, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: +603-27276688


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  1. Very nice review and pictures, Wilson, thanks for sharing your experience.

    Maybe I’m missing the point slightly with the St Regis restaurants, but the most expensive menu at Ginza Tenkuni Japan is around RM 430, so we are paying more than twice the price for the equivalent menu?

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