June 1, 2023

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BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of our favourite destinations in Malaysia. You can visit farms, tea plantations, enjoy the all year round cooling weather and staying in English colonial hotels or resorts.

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands

For chilling and relaxing, a pitstop in one of the few tea plantations is a must. BOH Tea Plantation Sungai Palas is highly on our list as it offers one of the most spectacular views on the highlands.  BOH Tea Plantation is located in Brinchang and there are three BOH plantations in Cameron Highlands.

Please use the GPS coordinate to navigate your way up to the BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas. The entrance to the hill from the main road might not spectacular but as you slowly drive up the hill, you will be greeted by the beauty of the tea plantations similar to the ones in India and Sri Lanka.

There are two parking spots and the best is at the peak of the hill next to the BOH Tea Centre. Try your luck to drive all the way up as most of the time the parking at the peak is full.

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands

The platform of the BOH Tea Centre is often used by pre-wedding photographers so this place is quite recognizable.

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands

There is a gallery here so you can take your time to read the history of this place and also the BOH Tea Plantation.

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands Tea Shop

There is also a shop where you can buy BOH Tea products and some of the uncommon products are sold here.

Of course you can chill with a cup of BOH Tea with the killer view of the tea plantations. There is also pastry and dessert available here.

Expect to spend at least an hour here and traveling up and down might be slow depending on traffic. Please visit Cameron Highlands on weekdays and during non-public holidays or else you will get stuck with heavy traffic. We prefer to visit Cameron Highlands during weekdays to beat the traffic and the crowd.

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas is a must stop destination in Cameron Highlands in our opinion. The view here is breath taking and we don’t mind sitting here for the whole day.


BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Opening Hours:

9 am to 4.30 pm

Closed on Mondays

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Address and Contact:

Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia


Phone: +60 5-496 2096

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas GPS Coordinate:

4.515360, 101.415897

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