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Golden Phoenix Durian Review at Sinnaco Durian Specialist

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Golden Phoenix Durian Review at Sinnaco Durian Specialist

It is the durian season now and we have been traveling around Klang Valley to check out some of the uncommon durian types. If you are a durian hunter and looking for uncommon or rare durian, Sinnaco Durian Specialist SS19 is the ideal place for durian lovers. They are durian seller and wholesaler and they provide durians to other durian stalls and also supermarkets.

golden phoenix durian
Golden Phoenix Durian

Golden Phoenix Durian is a pure type durian. It is from the old trees and not a hybrid or a new type creation and that’s why there is limited stock for Golden Phoenix Durian. As we were told by John the owner of Sinnaco Durian Specialist, it is hard to grow Golden Phoenix and it is only available in Johor. That’s why Golden Phoenix is more popular in Singapore than Klang Valley.

The Golden Phoenix Durian looks like other durians. The bottom of the durian has five lines and it is similar to Musang King. However, the shell is thin and you can easily open the durian (if you have strong hands).

golden phoenix durian opening with hands
Opening the Golden Phoenix Durian with hands as it has soft shell.

John demonstrated the strength of his hands by opening the durian and the durian looks ordinary. Golden Phoenix durian is strong in taste and it is sweet in taste with slight hints of bitter. The texture is soft and with small seed. We didn’t get the watery texture as we read from other review but the taste is still good.

golden phoenix durian filling
Golden Phoenix Durian
golden phoenix durian flesh
The flesh of the Golden Phoenix.

For those old timer durian lovers, you should know about Golden Phoenix as it is one of the old durian types. For those who loves durian with strong flavour with sweetness and least bitter, Golden Phoenix durian is ideal for you. Please take not Golden Phoenix Durian is quite rare and only available in certain period of the year (mostly middle of the year). Thus, not many durian stalls carry Golden Phoenix as it is rare and not popular in Klang Valley. The beauty of Sinnaco Durian Specialist is they are wholesaler so they carry many varieties of durians. Many durian stalls in Klang Valley get their stock from them and they also supply to popular supermarkets around Malaysia. They have a history of twenty years in selling durians so that’s why they call themselves the durian specialist.

sinnaco durian specialist ss19
Sinnaco Durian Specialist

Drop by at their shop at No 60, Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19 and we recommend you to call them first or check out their availability on their Facebook Page at

sinnaco durian specialist places and foods wilson
With John, the owner of Sinnaco Durian Specialist.

Sinnaco Durian Specialist Address:

No, 60, Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-7960 2600

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