May 18, 2024


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McCafe Rainbow Cake Is Here in Malaysia

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McCafe Rainbow Cake Is Here in Malaysia

McCafe Rainbow Cake is finally here in Malaysia. Yes, you read it right. Mc Café is selling rainbow cakes now and also Himalayan tea.

mc cafe rainbow cake

When we saw their ads on Facebook, we went straight to the nearest Mc Café and check out the cakes. Many times what you see in their promotional picture differs from the actual thing but in this case, the actual cake looks better.

mccafe rainbow cake and tea

Mc Café didn’t pay us to write as we can afford to pay for the cake. It is only RM 10.90 and the Himalayan Tea is only RM 6.90.

mc cafe rainbow cake with tea

While others are busy having the new McD Rio Burger set, we sat in one corner snapping pictures of this beautiful rainbow cake.

So how does the rainbow cake taste like?

From the look at it, we expected the cake to taste as sweet as rainbow. However, we were surprised by the light tasted cake. The texture of the cake is soft and this is really enjoyable. The taste of the cake is not sweet at all and it goes well with the Himalayan tea.

mc cafe himalayan tea

For the Himalayan Tea, the taste is smooth. It is a milk tea by the way. It goes really well with the cake and a real deal for tea time.

mc cafe rainbow cake cut

So if you want to eat really good rainbow cake, you can find it in Mc Café Malaysia now. Couldn’t believe this is happening, Mc Café is selling Rainbow Cakes.


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