February 5, 2023

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Phra Buddha Bhatha Bua Bok Udon Thani

Isn’t this exciting? This is our first story of Udon Thani, the Northeast of Thailand. There are not many people write about this region as it is not as popular as Northern, Central or Southern Thailand. We went to Udon Thani from Vientiane Laos. This is more like AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) trip as we started from Laos first.

Phra Buddha Bhatha Bua Bok is a Buddhist temple and located in the northern region of Udon Thani. This is part of the group tour’s itinerary as it is quite hard to travel around independently as we travel from Laos to Thailand. This is also known at Wat Phra Putthabaht Bua Bok.

Phra Buddha Bhatha Bua Bok Udon Thani

We reached the temple let as sun sets and the sky turns dark. Since we were there in January during the winter season, the temperature was around 10 degree Celsius and we are not joking. The evening was windy and it was really freezing cold and thank god we had the proper sweater.

Why is Phra Buddha Bhatha Bua Bok so popular?

Phra Buddha Bhatha Bua Bok Udon Thani White Chedi

Within the white chedi of the temple, lies an important relic. It is the Buddha Footprint. It is casted in the ‘Golden Budhha FootPrint’. The room is small so we took turn to go in and have a look. Of course we took three bows for respect and no shoes are allowed within the chedi.

Golden Budhha FootPrint

This is a very important relic for Buddhists and that’s why this temple is popular in this region. We don’t have the exact address of the temple but we know it is located near Phu Phrabat Historical Park.

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