December 8, 2023


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Skyscanner Taiwan Listed Thailand as Dangerous Country to Travel!

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Skyscanner Taiwan Listed Thailand as Dangerous Country to Travel!

SkyScanner Taiwan posted a very interesting story a few days ago. The title is 拉警報!10大危險旅遊國家 or ‘Shocking!’ 10 most dangerous destinations! Travel writer Cynthia Chang listed 10 countries in her own opinion as 10 most dangerous destinations. The countries include Belgium, India, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Mongolia, Italy and Philippines.

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According to the travel writer, Thailand is dangerous because of fraud, violence and sexual assault. Thus, there are many cheating cases, tourist got robbed in bars and it is also a dangerous for women tourists as they are targeted as reported in Daily Mail’s Travel Edition of Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations for Women.

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The article from SkyScanner Taiwan.


We shall not comment on the other nine countries as we never travel to those countries before. However, we are unsure whether it is right to list Thailand as a dangerous country to travel. This year alone, we travel to Thailand four times and we didn’t encounter any issues listed by the writer. Thus, we spent almost a month on average every year in Thailand and we never had any problems at all! Hence, we have female readers who travel to Thailand often alone with a group of female friends and bloggers and we never heard any complaints from them. We have been traveling to Thailand since 1992 and never had issues at all!

This picture shows I am in a dangerous situation in Thailand.

We hope this famous travel writer Cynthia Chang should write what she understands and not by taking quotes from one or two articles. It makes me wonder if Cynthia Chang been to Thailand at all? SkyScanner Taiwan should be more responsible checking the content of the articles before publishing them as this will affects their reputation.

If Thailand is dangerous, it will be their good food, shopping, places of interest, spa, beautiful islands, sandy white beaches and Thai hospitality.


0 thoughts on “Skyscanner Taiwan Listed Thailand as Dangerous Country to Travel!

  1. I think should be ok, no body will believe, Thailand is one of country in everyone bucket’s list no matter you are yellow, brown, black or white, a “must visit country” once in the life time…

  2. As long as it has record of facing bomb threats, it should be listed as a dangerous place for travel! This year, there are more than three bomb threats happened in thailand!!

    1. Dear Chris Leos,

      If there are three bomb threats happened in Thailand but there is an train explosion in Taipei. Taiwan is also prone to natural disasters like typhoon and earthquake. Do we ask tell the whole world Taiwan is a dangerous country to travel to? Our answer is no. We traveled to Taiwan and we love the country. There are always isolated incidents in each country. So should everyone start boycotting Taiwan also?


  3. Agreed, I go to Thailand all the time, and feel so much safer than Malaysia, actually. Thailand is a nice place but as every place there is bad people, so just need to be careful and vigilant.

  4. Oh dear…. is Thailand so dangerous… wherever we go there is some threat but we just have to be more careful not to go late in the night or wear provocative clothing and chat up strangers….I think… I always cut off my trips at sundown wherever I am unless I am with people I know…or places I know there are a lot of people

  5. Whether is dangerous or not I guess it’s depends on how you carry yourself in other countries, robberies are everywhere, just be extra careful when you travel around right

  6. Seriously? I have girls friend which travel there alone too. I would definitely wish to travel to Bangkok more and more XD I guess is a choice and how actually you take care yourself in certain country.

  7. I personally think Thailand is the fun place to travel. I have traveled to Thailand more than 5 times and I still found Thailand is the best place to visit.

  8. Everywhere also can be safe, everywhere also can be dangerous.. There’r always bad apples among the good one.. I suppose.. Just see which perspective we’re looking from..

  9. More and more beautiful countries are coming under scanner now. Hope the entire world is safe to travel again.

  10. Well in my opinion it really depends on how you define dangerous~ because nowhere is entirely safe. But we as people with the right mind would avoid shady areas right? We can see and judge for ourselves. So if she did go to Thailand and experience such danger, maybe it wasn’t her luck too. Heck I don’t care, I’m going to Thailand in a few months time for holiday! Hahaha! We have to always be aware of our surroundings, even in our own country.. Hope I enjoy my time there, it’s been so long since I last visit Thailand~

  11. Thailand is very dangerous – for my waistline. My last trip I put on 3 kilos. Eat until high cholesterol. So, when are you going to bring me ah? 😀 Seriously Thailand is one of my fav countries for food and play. Looking forward to my next trip!!

  12. I think danger is everywhere. Most important thing is that you need to know how to protect yourself or react when you are in dangerous situation

  13. haha omg, so dangerous >.< But i think it depends how you keep yourself safe to avoid from bad things to happen 🙂

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