February 6, 2023

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#UberIceCream vs #GrabDurian Who is the Winner?

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#UberIceCream vs #GrabDurian Who is the Winner?

In this two days, Uber and Grab two of the largest transportation phone app go head on head on giving special promotions for their users.

Uber celebrate Friday July 15th with #UberIceCream to over 400 cities around the world. For Malaysia, #UberIceCream offers two cups of Inside Scoop ice cream delivered to your doorstep for RM 15 only. The #UberIceCream deal starts from 11 am and ends at 6 pm. Many of our friends posted their #UberIceCream joy and we were traveling around the city.


Grab on the other hand offers #GrabDurian today on Saturday July 16th. Not sure whether it is the direct response to Uber, for #GrabDurian you get a durian for RM 10 only. You need to pay via your credit card or debit card on your Grab app. You will get one durian from either Musang King, D24, D100 and more.


Knowing the demand of the promotion, Uber smartly worked with FoodPanda in delivering the Inside Scoop ice cream to its users. Thus, this increase their supply for the demand and you didn’t see that many complaints on lack of delivery on their Uber Page. Most complains are the exquisite taste of the Inside Scoop Ice Cream.

On top of that many of our friends were showing off their Inside Scoop ice cream from Uber all over our Facebook timeline. Sadly, we were traveling around the city and we didn’t manage to order one.


We are loyal Grab users and prefer their app over Uber but for this campaign, Grab failed badly. From 11 am until 6pm, we tried to order the #grabdurian and no driver was found in my area. Some of our friends tried but no luck too. You can see many complaints on their Facebook Page.

The response from Grab is disappointing as well. By stating the demand over than their supply means that Grab do not have enough drivers in Malaysia? For the positive vibes they have been building for months just destroyed by such statement. How can you admit defeat in your services to current or new Grab users?

For new Grab users, #GrabDurian have shown them that the app is not good enough and frustrated users might just uninstall or delete the app. For us, we will still use their app because we know their track record and we got lucky last year when we ordered their premium ride too as we got a limousine ride. If Grab is going to do a #GrabDurian again, we hope they are more prepared next time as we are still waiting for our RM 10 durian.


The Verdict:

#UberIceCream 1 – 0 #GrabDurian



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