January 31, 2023

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Union Mall Hachiko Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Union Mall Hachiko Soft Serve Ice Cream

Many people asked me why am I not bored with Bangkok? It is just a city. Well, to be frank I never bored exploring Bangkok. In fact, I visited Bangkok four times this year alone and now planning to visit the city again this year.

Union Mall Hachiko Soft Serve Ice Cream

Why Bangkok is so fun? Well, the city is full of surprises especially on their food. In one of my recent trip to Bangkok, I went to check out the Union Mall as it is highly recommended by blogger friend, Aroimakmak. Thus, I stumbled upon Hachiko (the same name of the popular Akita dog in Tokyo), a soft serve ice cream stall.

Union Mall Hachiko Soft Serve Ice Cream Menu

They have different types of sizes and toppings and their main flavours are milk and green tea (matcha). We ordered the most basic cone with mixed milk and green tea soft serve for 29 Baht only.  I didn’t add the fancy toppings.

Hachiko Soft Serve Ice Cream Green Tea and Milk

The taste is pretty good. The green tea flavour is not that sweet and it goes well with the milk flavour. This is definitely a thirst quencher especially during a hot day and this is addictive as well. It is only 29 Baht and seriously I have no complains. This will probably cost triple in Malaysia or Singapore. There are so many good food in Bangkok and they don’t even need to be popular.

The location of this stall is at the top entrance of the mall connecting to the MRT station Phahon Yothin (Exit 5) and if not mistaken it should be on the 3rd floor.


For more info on Hachiko Soft Serve, visit https://www.facebook.com/HachikoSoftServe/



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