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What happened to Malaysia Airlines festive videos

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What happened to Malaysia Airlines festive videos?

For the past few years, we were pampered by some of the best Malaysian stories from Malaysia Airlines. Some of our favourite Malaysia Airlines videos are Terbang, Blessings and Fitrah while we loved the sincerity behind Punya Aspirasi Bersama Fazura. Fitrah is a continuous story from Blessings and it is a tear jerking video.

This year it is Adik #BolehAdikIkut and it is posted yesterday. The tone and manner of this new video is different as it is used to be. 

 The reason is simple as the brain behind the creation of those tear jerking videos had left Malaysia Airlines. The man behind the videos is Hisham Salleh, the former Head of digital and social in Malaysia Airlines and he recently joined Leo Burnett as the Director of Social Content and Commerce. He was the director of all the Malaysia Airlines ‘Malaysian stories’ videos. He spent days and weeks created those beautiful Malaysian stories unlike creative safety videos adapted by other airlines.

 The Malaysian content with strong storytelling can be seen in his videos. Of course, those videos were backed with awesome original songs created by our local singers and artists. The song Langit by Yuna is definitely top of our list. The videos reminded us Malaysia Airlines is our ‘Malaysia’s Airlines’ for Malaysians.

Thank you Hisham Salleh for all those awesome videos you did and you are badly missed. We wished you all the best in your new career in Leo Burnett.

Adik #BolehAdikIkut Hari Raya video by Malaysia Airlines is a different tone and manner but it is still an enjoyable video. 

You can still check out new Malaysia Airlines videos at their Youtube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/MAStravel

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!



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