June 3, 2023

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Muay Thai Live Asiatique Review

There are a few shows you need to watch in Bangkok. When we talk about shows in Bangkok, we do mean great shows! Siam Niramit is probably the best show in Bangkok or Thailand and Muay Thai Live in Asiatique The Waterfront.

Asiatique The Waterfront is one of the top attractions in Bangkok. Built a couple of years ago, Asiatique is located by the riverside and opens from 4pm onwards. The best way to go to Asiatique is by their free boat taxi and you can enjoy the breeze as well as the view as you sail on Chao Phraya River.

There are plenty of good food and shopping in Asiatique and the experience and vibe here is different than the other shopping places in Bangkok. That’s the reason that makes Bangkok such an evergreen destination as it has many different new attractions and malls. Asiatique is former warehouses converted to restaurants and shopping areas.

Muay Thai Live is a live performance located in The Stage, Warehouse 4, Asiatique. Muay Thai simply means kick boxing and this is a choreographed live performance. You will see plenty of fights but no blood, this is pure entertainment at its best.

Muay Thai Live is a non-stop exciting ninety min show. The show starts at 8pm daily except Mondays.

How much is Muay Thai Live tickets?

Standard Seats are priced at THB 1,200 and Premium Seats are priced at THB 1,500. Children with height of 90 – 120 cm is priced at THB 500.

There are six mini stories within the 90 min show. Six different stories with lots of fighting. Since it is a show, you can find really good looking actors and actresses. Actors all are well build up with six packs (real six packs) and a beautiful actress too.

You get to see choreographed muay thai fights with storylines and tons of actions with sounds, lighting and music effects. Most of the actions are will be on the stage with a huge LED backdrop.

The show is good for couples, families and even kids. The fighting scenes are as good as real but not brutal. You will be entertained for the complete ninety minutes.

Muay Thai Live is definitely one of the must watch shows in Bangkok and Thailand. You probably want to watch it at least once in your lifetime.

Photos and videos during the show are not allowed but you can take pictures with them after the show. For more information on Muay Thai Live and booking your tickets online, visit http://www.muaythailive.com/

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