February 2, 2023

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CONNOR’S Stout Porter Limited Edition Pint Is A Must Have

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CONNOR’S Stout Porter Limited Edition Pint Is A Must Have

Are you a CONNOR’S Stout Porter lover? Are you a pint glass collector? If you are, CONNOR’S Stout Porter will surprise you with a gift made right. Paying tribute to the distinct British history of the original stout porter, CONNOR’S Stout Porter, a premium draught stout by Carlsberg Malaysia has ascertained the brilliance of gifts by offering three quintessential British icons of the Big Ben, Double Decker Bus and the Royal Guard on a set of limited edition pint glasses. Want to be a part of this sensational experience? All you need to do is purchase three full pints of CONNOR’S Stout Porter to receive one beautifully crafted limited edition British inspired pint glass from the participating outlet nationwide.

It is not just an ordinary pint glass as it comes with three English Inspired designs. They have the Double Decker Bus, Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben.

That’s not the surprise. You can also etch you names on the limited edition pint glass.  You know what that means right? Now that’s bragging rights – it’s no longer just a pint but your pint! Stout connoisseurs can snag their very own personalized glassware in the month of September at participating outlets for a pint made right just for you! Did we mention it also makes an excellent gift for the king or queen of your heart?

This is probably the best gift ever for birthdays or even Christmas. Trust us, it is never too early to get this for Christmas. We are truly happy with our personalized pint glasses and going to keep as part of our collection. Don’t just wait there, get one set as we believe it will be sold out soon!

For full details and the complete list of participating outlets for personalised limited edition pint glasses, please visit http://bit.ly/LEPint

Remember, the personalized CONNOR’S Stout Porter Limited Edition Pint Glass is at September 2016 only.


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