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iPhone 7 Launch Date and Prices in Malaysia

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iPhone 7 Launch Date and Prices in Malaysia

*Updated: 1/10/2016

*Updated: 8/9/2016 12pm

Everyone is talking about Samsung Note 7 and its recall and the issues with its battery units. While the Samsung Note 7 users are now trying to replace their units, iPhone fans will be anticipating the iPhone 7 launch next week. The iPhone 7 will be formally revealed on 7th September and pre-order starts later.


So when are the launch date and also how much is the iPhone 7 in Malaysia?

The official price of the new Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus has unveiled today. The prices as per below;

• iPhone 7 32GB – RM 3,199
• iPhone 7 128GB – RM 3,699
• iPhone 7 256GB – RM 4,199
• iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – RM 3,799
• iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – RM 4,299
• iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – RM 4,799
iphone7 prices

Source: IdealMobile.com

iphone7 water resistant

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are waterproof.

iphone7 a10

Comes with its most powerful A10 chip.

iphone7 2 cameras

Dual cameras!

iphone stereo

Finally it sounds good.


Many predict that 9th September will be the pre-order day in selected countries. Looking at the trend of iPhone launches and pre-orders, countries like US, UK and Japan will usually get their units first. Except you are super ultra kiasu who are willing to pay more for grey units or else you have to wait for the official announcement for the Malaysia’s actual launch date and also their official prices.

Please take note that with so many new telco in Malaysia, you might see a price war in iPhone 7 especially by the new boys.

The new iPhone 7 is waterproof, equipped with A10 chipset, smart connector, dual lens and many new cool features. More info at http://www.apple.com/iphone-7

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