December 8, 2023


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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Once A Year

Our Asian parents always teach us, ‘Work hard and you can travel around the world when you retired’. Well, that probably works in the 80s and probably 90s but things are so different now. The life we are having now is quite different that it used to be. That’s why we need to travel at least once a year. It is the trend now and there are 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Once A Year.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Once A Year

1.Work Life Is Different

Work life is different now than it used to be. Back then working hours are from 9 am to 5pm, now is ridiculously from 8 am till late. Everyone works longer hour now not because they want to but there are just too many things to do. This happens in most Asia countries and there are so many real stories of people died of overworking. Don’t you deserve a break for travel? If you work till you retired, do you think you still got the energy to travel? Can you even make it to retire?

2.Life is Stressful

Most of my friends wake up at 5 am to 6 am to go to work and reached home around 8pm to 10 pm daily. This applies to most of my friends in Asian countries especially for those who lives in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. With the invention of smartphone, it doesn’t make us smarter but more work. Most of our friends work even at home, thanks to smartphone, Internet and laptops. Stress is real and traveling is one of the activities that can helps you ‘disconnect’ and release your stress. Stress is one of the main causes for hypertension and cancer. So chill lar, go travel.

3.Travel is the best break for your body and soul

You need a break, have a Kit Kat? Kit Kat probably relieves you of one minute of break but for the real deal, you need a holiday. Our body is not a robot and our brain can’t process like a CPU. Even robots and CPUs got a lifetime period and same goes to our body and soul. Give it a rest, have a reboot and it will run and process faster than Windows 10.

4.Travel Is Learning

We learned a few things when we travel in the past couple of years. First of all, you to book cheap air tickets, where to book cheap hotels and accommodations. Then, we also learn about culture, language and skills. We picked a skill called photography and we never look back. Now, we are the digital influencer for SONY RX10II for Malaysia and South East Asia.

5.5Travel Is Cheap

Travel is cheaper now. With budget airlines, OTAs like and also AirBnb, travel has never been cheaper. You can also use global metasearch engine like to search the cheapest airfare, hotels and car hire to make your life easy. With information online like TripAdvisor (some reviews are fake), travel websites and blogs (like us lar), you can plan your holiday smarter and cheaper.

6.Travel will open your eyes

It took us 30 years to visit Japan for the first time and we fell in love with the country. It was the same when we travelled to Australia to study as we would drive around the state every weekend. We have seen many cultures, architecture, landmarks, people and also nature. When you think you have seen it all, the world offers more than you can imagine. Traveling will not just open your eyes but will open your heart too. That is something for you to discover.

7.Travel might find you a soul mate

We have many friends who are single and they couldn’t find time to meet or date someone. If you want a soul mate, Tinder will not be the right thing to do but traveling. We knew a few friends who met their soul mates while traveling. Love at first sight is real but you get more chances when you are traveling. Even there is no love, we still met many new friends while traveling.

8.Travel makes you smarter

We made quite a number of mistakes while we are traveling and we learned our lessons. Some of the examples are we got scammed by a taxi in Hong Kong, we missed our flight in London (for the first time), we bought the wrong tickets in Barcelona and many more. After every single mistake, it gave us the experience so we are more aware and smarter in handling the same incidents. Even though we travelled often, there are still incidents here and there unexpectedly.

9.Travel makes you independent

Traveling solo is one of the fun things to do in our life. We travelled solo quite often especially in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Europe. When you travel solo, you will be independent no matter you like it or not. You have to get your own tickets, travel alone and eat alone and you have no one to rely on.


YOLO means you only live once. In our life, we have many friends who had passed on when they are still young. We have only one life so if we going to live with it, live it well. Go travel, see the world but don’t do stupid things such as drugs. You can always do a sky diving, bungee jump and many other things but do know your limit and understand the risk. Seriously, we only live once. Do you want to travel when you are retired or you just go and travel every year?

We guess this is good enough for you to travel soon right?


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