June 3, 2023

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20 Things To Do in Isetan Lot 10 The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur

You probably seen hundreds of pictures of the new Isetan in Lot 10 The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur. However, there are more than just pictures. There are 20 Things To Do in Isetan Lot 10 The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur. If you think this is the usual Isetan departmental store, then you are so wrong.

This is the new Isetan concept store and almost exactly the same from the ones in Japan. They literally bring Japan to you for the most unbelievable Japanese experience ever.

We explored the new Isetan Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur and we are very impressed from top to bottom. The new interior design, the culture, the experience, the things they brought in, the Japanese staffs as well as the hefty price tag (thanks to our weakening currency).

We get more than we expected and we listed down 20 Things To See in Isetan Lot 10 The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur. Instead of looking at pictures, we show you 20 Things To Do in Isetan Lot 10 The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur.

1.The Museum (GF)

The moment you walked into Isetan The Japan Store on the Ground Floor, you will see the museum. It is not the usual museum but the showcase of Japanese culture, craft and art. Things that you see here are all imported from Japan and you can look at the details such as workmanship and colours.

You can find cool Japanese crafts in Museum

2.The Techs (GF)

At the tech section on Ground Floor, you get to see watches, cameras, audio, tech stuffs and more. You should check out the Seiko, Citizen and Casio (and G Shocks) watches as well as Nikon, Leica, Audio-technica and more.

3.Japanese Food Court (LG)

The new Japanese food court is a beauty.

For the tummy, there is a new Japanese food court. There are many different types of Japanese food available here from sushi to bento and also omakase style of dining.

Salmon bento from Dashi Dining Saya.

4.Japanese Supermarket (LG)

You can get imported from Japan seafood, meat as well as fruits and vegetables in the supermarket section. Thus, you can get the famous Japanese Crown Melon in the supermarket.

There is a new section called chaseki/shuseki where you can get Japanese tea, beer, wine spirits, sake and shochu.

5.Japanese Bakery and Sweets (LG)

Henri Charpentier in Lower Ground, a Guinness World of Records holder.

You can find popular Japanese bakery Sol Levante as well as Toraya, Minamoto Kichoan, Akasak Kakiyama, Henri Charpentier, Shiseido Parlour and Ginza West from the Sweets section. You can expect the highest quality items imported from Japan with beautiful packaging and they are not cheap though.

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