December 8, 2023


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Custom Made Baby Birthday Cake in Kuala Lumpur

Where to find custom made baby birthday cakes in Kuala Lumpur? There are many personal and professional bakeries are offering custom made and personalised baby birthday cakes but when there are choices, you don’t know which one to choose.

catherine cakery hao cake comparison
Expectation and reality, we are happy with the end result!

We encountered the average and the bad ones in the past and recently we found a very personal bakery who can provide really good custom made baby birthday cakes. Her name is called Catherine Chai and you can find her bakery page at

We got to know her after recommendations from friends. Well, when you ordered a cake within your expectation is it common, you will recommend to others. We don’t want other to experience ‘our failures’ in the past and we only recommend the best ones.

catherine cakery hao leo cake
Hao’s cake from Catherine Cakery.

So we ordered the 2kg custom made baby birthday cake for our eldest son a few months ago. We got the picture online and asked her to copy it. It is a chocolate moist cake as base and there are a few options for you to choose. For the pricing, it is RM 350++ as Catherine told us they used the quality ingredients and of course the time to create the whole cake.

catherine cakery hao family pix
Hao’s birthday celebration.

There weren’t any cracks on the outer layer of the cake and the details of the art pieces (made from sugar) were impressive.

The outer layer and the art pieces are made from sugar and edible for sure. The base is chocolate moist comes with rich chocolate texture and it is quite addictive. Well, everyone loved the cake from parents to the children and many of them asked for the contact as it is not just pretty from the outside but the cake is tasty too.

catherine cakery hoong cake
Hoong’s Cake from Catherine Cakery.
catherine cakery hoong
Hoong’s birthday cake. Look at the details.

Since we were happy with the first cake, we ordered another one for our youngest boy. The 2nd cake is 1kg custom made baby birthday cake. For 1kg, it is priced around RM 250++ and again we ordered the chocolate moist as base.

catherine cakery chocolate moist
The chocolate moist base.

Like the first cake, the 2nd cake was made in perfection. The details were impressive and you can tell the hard work behind it.

catherine cakery family

Don’t expect custom made birthday cakes to be cheap as we had really bad experience with the cheap ones. When you pay peanuts, you get peanuts. Sometimes when you pay really expensive, you still get peanuts.

The main reason we blogged about this is to share our great experience on the custom made baby birthday cakes we had. Trust us, finding a real beautiful and delicious custom made baby birthday cake is tough. We are not getting sponsored or paid to blog about this but we do believe sharing is caring.

Contact Catherine at +6012 3921217 and their Facebook Page at at



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