March 3, 2024


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HiBaby.TV – New Online Social Entertainment Platform In Malaysia

There is a new online social entertainment platform launched in Malaysia recently. It is called HiBaby.TV.

What is HiBaby.TV?

It is an online social entertainment platform and it is different than the usual social media network. How different?

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HiBaby.TV offers online interactive experience where users get to chat & interact with the hosts as well as take part & level up their online profile, meet new friends and reward hosts with virtual gifts that translate to real life earnings. Watch the introduction video below to learn more about it.

In short, you can stream all the live entertainment shows, curated by adorable, pretty and engaging hosts in HiBaby.TV. Sounds pretty cool right!

Did I mention adorable, pretty and engaging hosts?

Check out some of the hosts below and you will understand what we mean. They are pretty and attractive hosts from Hibaby.TV.


About HiBaby.TV

The story behind HiBaby.TV is quite interesting. They are founded by a group of passionate individuals from all over Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & South East Asia, HiBaby.TV’s vision is simple – Hibaby.TV urged talented & beautiful personalities all over Malaysia to come forward to join the big team.


HiBaby.TV also features popular and interesting contents from food, travel, culture, sport, fitness as well as Malaysia business and hot issues. Basically it is similar to digital TV channel but with additional feature of online social entertainment.

Just log on to www.HiBaby.TV and you’ll understand why we say this is probably the future of online social entertainment. In short, it is more fun and interactive than traditional social media networks.


With HiBaby.TV, you can interact live with your favourite hosts and artistes.  You could get all the latest news, and events on HiBaby.TV. Thus, there are plenty of contests for you to win fabulous prizes.

Interacting live with host on HiBaby.Tv

How do you get started? A quick registration, which can be done in a few steps, or even by logging in via the Facebook button, and you’re good to go.

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In HiBaby.TV, you could make new friends,
 create topics, share your common interest, support and reward each other for a good cause. Furthermore you could chat with the host as well, how cool is that! The best part of this is, the host will get to see what you have just typed, hence she may elicit a response directly to you! There are games to be played inside too with your friends.


HiBaby.TV Official Launch @ FUZE Club


Just last week or so, HiBaby.TV had their grand launch and celebration at FUZE Club, Kuala Lumpur. The event emceed by Kay Silva & Nadia Hasnan, was attended by hosts from the platform, HiBaby.TV viewers, celebrities, beauty queens as well as social media influencers.


HiBaby.TV hosts attending included Hugo Wong, Sophie, Lyndie, Peggy, Nicole, Stephy, Julianne, Tracy, Evon Lew as well as Riri Chao from Taiwan.  Included in the list were the Established Asian Reggae and Dancehall star, Sasi The Don and the reigning Miss World Malaysia 2016, Tatiana Kumar.

Mr. Vijian Chan, CEO of HiBaby.TV

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Vijian Chan, CEO of HiBaby.TV said, “HiBaby.TV will grow and support passionate & talented individuals over time. Programs were arranged with a few hosts including Nadia Hasnan on Food, Music, Travel, Scuba Diving & etc. We provide a platform for those with talents & beauty to earn money from the comfort of their own home and be streamed live to viewers worldwide.”

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The HiBaby.TV is available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones and laptops and iOS App Store (coming soon). Remember, HiBaby.TV is also an online video streaming platform featuring live content from hundreds of hosts all across Malaysia.Viewers get to enjoy the latest pop tunes, as well personal favourites picked by hosts, and sometimes, get to listen to the hosts sing along too!
Social entertainment at its best! Experience it. It’s FUN, it’s LIVE, it’s definitely rewardingHiBaby TV, enriching ideas without boundaries. So what are you waiting for guys?

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HiBaby.TV is also hoping that talented Malaysians to come forward as well to join them as hosts of this new awesome New Online Social Entertainment Platform. Support each other, and get paid to do it! Why not right?  For more information, please check out their Facebook page at or just log on to www.HiBaby.TV for the full experience.


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