February 1, 2023

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No VISA for Malaysians traveling to United States in 2018?

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No VISA for Malaysians traveling to United States in 2018?

I travelled to New York in 2007 for my work with one of my clients. I still remember the hassle of getting the United States VISA, applying online, queuing up for the mandatory interview and collection of the passport. Lucky for me, it was all done within days (including interview and supporting documents and letters) and I had a five-years media category VISA. It was RM 350 for visa application back then and it more than that now. We understand the need of the supporting documents as you need a certain fund to travel around US. With the current exchange rates, it is not cheap to travel to US anymore.

The talk about waiving VISA for Malaysians travel to United States has been ongoing for some time. It was rumoured the VISA could be waived this year or next year but a report from TheStar suggested it could be 2018. The definite answer is uncertain until there is an official announcement from US side.

If there will be a VISA waiver on 2018, will you wait to travel to United States until then or will you apply the VISA now? If the VISA is waived, will more Malaysians travel to United States despite the high currency exchange rates? Maybe Malaysia Airlines or AirAsiaX will fly again to United States? AirAsiaX is still waiting for the approval to fly to Hawaii and will this attract more visitors to that beautiful island?

Well, we have to wait for the answer and pray for the US dollars to be weakened. At the rate of 4.50, it will cost a bomb to travel to the states. Given the chance, we definitely want to revisit United States again.

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