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Top Three Sunset Spots in Darwin

What is your first impression of Darwin? Crocodiles and National Parks? Oh well, Darwin has more to offer than that. Darwin is a city in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is one of the closest city to Indonesia with the climate and temperature similar to Malaysia.

Top Three Sunset Spots in Darwin

Darwin might not be the most exciting city in Australia but it has its own hidden gems. There are plenty of good food, things to do in the city as well as places to chill in the evening. Thus, when it comes to sunset, we found three romantic sunset spots in Darwin. Let’s check it out one by one.

1.Sunset at Cape Adieu

To capture the most romantic sunset at Cape Adieu, you have to experience the Cape Adieu Harbour Cruise. Hop on to the cruise and it comes with spacious seating for 50 guests with 3 decks and dinner.

cape ardieu

You begin the cruise with your love one with a selection of chef prepared dips and for dinner you get the fresh local produce and also freshes wild caught seafood including banana prawns, their signature smoked Spanish Mackarel and freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters, Scotch fillet steaks, local fish of the day, fresh salads and crusty breads.

cape ardieu cruise sunset

The sunset view is magical and no matter how many times you view the sun sets, it is still beautiful. With the soft music in the background, the cruise circled Cape Adieu slowly and it concludes the cruise with espresso coffee, brewed tea and a delicious dessert.

cape ardieu sunset

This cruise is a must for couples and we recommend you to book in advance. This is quite a popular cruise. For more information on dates and rates, please visit their website at http://www.capeadieu.com.au/

2.Dudley Point at East Point Reserve Sunset view

Dudley Point at East Point Reserve is located slightly away from the city centre. It is a hot spot for locals and it is also a popular tourist destination. If you joined the daily tour or excursion, you will probably end up here or Mindil Beach for sunset views. Mindil Beach is on our list too.

East Point Reserve sunset

The beauty of sunset in Dudley Point is it is uninterrupted (nothing in between from the viewpoint to the sea) and you can check out the beauty of Fannie Bay too.

dudley point sunset

Dudley Point is located along Alec Foong Lim Drive. You can self drive to here if you renting a car or take a taxi.

Dudley Point at East Point Reserve Sunset GPS Coordinate:

GPS Coordinate: -12.414673, 130.818066

3.Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Sunset at Mindil Beach is different than the rest. On Thursdays and Sundays, there is a sunset market next to the beach. It is similar to Asian type of night market. The food trucks and food stalls dominate this market with many unique and different types of food and there are also other stalls such as fashion, clothes, accessories as well as souvenirs. Most of the visitors here are locals. There are policeman and tourist information counter during the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

mindil sunset beach darwin

For the sunset, you can see dozens of people on the Mindil Beach. Watching sunset here is magical and especially getting the breeze from the wind from the sea.

You can come here for the sunset and the night market (on Thursdays and Sundays). Expect to spend at least an hour or two when you visit Mindil Beach Sunset Market. For more info, visit their website: http://www.mindil.com.au/

mindil beach darwin sun sinks

This is one of the key attractions in Darwin as there are plenty more of things to do here. Traveling in Darwin is fun in a way as it shows us a different side of Australia. Here, things are more laid back and you get to see a different landscape altogether. If you never visit Darwin before, you should make a trip down here.

Flying to Darwin

Fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Darwin International Airport with Malaysia Airlines. It is a late night flight and you will reach Darwin early in the morning. Darwin International Airport runs 24 hours so some of the shops and restaurants are still open. Check out the latest deals and promotions from Malaysia Airlines at www.malaysiaairlines.com.my

This post is sponsored by Tourism Australia and Tourism Northern Territory Australia.

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