May 18, 2024


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15 Chinese New Year Questions You Hear In Your Life

Happy Chinese New Year in advance from Places And Foods. Since we are now parents with two boys, we expect many questions to be asked during Chinese New Year period. Thus, we listed down 15 possible Chinese New Year questions you will hear in our entire life.

cny questions
Picture of yee sang (originated from Malaysia) during Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia and Singapore.

The questions below are our journey as parents when our kids are growing from babies until they are married. This is life cycle questions and we are not going to answer it. Please take these questions with a light heart.

For Babies

  1. Which hospital you deliver your baby? Private hospital?
  2. Did you breast feed your baby? Now, breast feeding very popular.

For Toddlers

  1. You never send your kid to those right brain classes? Like Shichida or Heguru?
  2. Who take care of your baby? Maid? Nanny?

For Primary Schoolers

  1. Where is your kid studying? Private school? International school?

For High Schoolers

  1. How many A’s your kid got for UPSR / PT3/ SPM?
  2. You kid got boyfriend or girlfriend already? If got, why so young got relationship?

For Undergraduate

  1. Which college or university your kid studying? You never send them overseas?
  2. What is your kid studying? Medicine? Engineering?

After Studies

  1. Why your kid come back from overseas, why never get a PR there?
  2. Where is your kid working now? Which company? What position? How much salary?

Hitting 30s

  1. Your kid got girlfriend already?
  2. When are they getting married?


  1. Where did they honeymoon, Europe?
  2. Why no kids yet? Must have kids!

Repeat again from number one once you are married with a baby.

Why do we blogged about this? We went thru the same questions from young until today. Of course, we felt those questions were annoying when we were younger but this is how the elderly, family or relatives shows their concern on us. As we grew older, one by one these people have passed away including some of our loved ones from our family, our relatives and friends. If you hear these questions from the elderly, your family or your relatives, be blessed and cherish the moments when they are around.

Be grateful when there are people still cares about you.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Have a great year and huat ar!



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