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Sexy Thai Girls Selling Fried Banana Fritters in Kanchanaburi Night Market

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Sexy Thai Girls Selling Fried Banana Fritters in Kanchanaburi Night Market

Pictures of two sexy Thai Girls selling banana fritters in a nightmarkat two days ago gone viral on Facebook. The pictures received 29,000 likes, 25,000 shares and over 3,000 comments. Well, we all know the main reason on how these pictures can go viral.

sexy thai girls selling banana

Basically, two ladies wearing low cut dresses revealing cleavages selling fried banana fritters (pisang goreng lah) in a night market. Many netizens were curious, where is this night market?

sexy thai girls fb

A quick check on the picture, it is actually in a local night market in Kanchanaburi. The night market is called J.J Night Market next to Kanchanaburi train station.

sexy thai girls

We haven’t been there for ages and maybe it could be our next trip’s itinerary. There is no mention whether the fried banana fritters are tasty or not but the pictures are sure viral.

sexy thai girl selling fried banana

sexy thai girl selling fried banana night market

You can also follow the two girls at Inglish Nasamdaeng and Fang Kie Kie.

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*All the pictures are sourced from Facebook

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