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The Embassy, the new Hipster Café at Starling Mall Damansara Uptown

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The Embassy, the new Hipster Café at Starling Mall Damansara Uptown

The Starling Mall is a new shopping mall located in the heart of Damansara Uptown. The mall is work in progress but we can see there are more retail outlets as well as food outlet are starting to open in the mall. It is the matter of time, tenants will fill up the mall. On our recent visit to the mall, we found a hidden gem, a hipster café called The Embassy Café on the 2nd floor.

the embassy cafe starling mall
The Embassy Cafe Starling Mall
the embassy wak doyok
The stylish Wak Doyok

This is a brand new café, a hipster and modern stylish café. We got to know the café through one of the owners, the stylish Wak Doyok. We are a big fan of his cool and elegant stylish fashion and he posted many of his OOTD (Outfit of the day) on his Instagram account. Knowing him owning his own café sparks our curiosity to visit and to review the food.

the embassy cafe interior

the embassy cafe bar
The bar and the beautiful drawing of the deer on the wall.

We love the ambience and the vibes of this café. The table and seating arrangements are not packed. There are two sections in the café, the indoor and the outdoor.

the embassy cafe starling mall outdoor

What we love about this place is the natural light that brightens the interior. The bright colours, the wooden table with white chairs makes it very comfortable and cozy to chill in this café. Not forgetting the cute colourful pillows.

the embassy cafe design

With the soft soothing music, this can be our workplace for all day long.

the embassy cafe backdrop

We also like the details like the small plastic plant. It is so good for pictures especially for Instagram. If you want to take some awesome hipster café pictures for your Instagram, The Embassy Café is the place.

the embassy cafe latte
Cafe Latte

Now, let’s taste the food. First thing first, we must taste the coffee. That is the most important thing in a café. If a café doesn’t serve a good cup of coffee, it should call a restaurant and not a café. The Embassy Café has one of the brightest baristas in the country and the coffee here is amazing. The moment they serve the café latte, we can smell the fragrant of the coffee. For coffee lovers, you will thank me for introducing this café to you as the coffee here is so good. Taste it to believe it.

The Embassy offers Asian and Western breakfast from 10 am to 2pm daily. Some of the dishes available includes Ambassador’s Big Breakfast, Hearty Omelette, Salmon Beef Bacon Benedict, The Continental and Nasi Lemak Kampung Pisang.

the embassy salmon egg benedict
Salmon Beef Bacon Benedict

We ordered the Salmon Beef Bacon Benedict (RM 22). It is the combination of smoked salmon and beef bacon and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on top of sourdough toast. There are many cafes out there offering egg benedict as part of their menu but many disappoints. However, The Embassy’s version of egg benedict nails it. The poached eggs are beautifully done and we enjoyed their taste of hollandaise sauce and the generous amount of the green. If you are a big fan of egg benedict for your breakfast, try their version and let us know what you think.

the embassy soft shell crab
Soft Shell Crab Olio

For all day menu, The Embassy offers pasta, sandwiches, burgers, mains and desserts. Thus, we ordered the Soft Shell Crab Olio (RM 28). Their version of aglio olio is quite spicy. It comes with chili, cherry tomatoes, kaffir leaves, ginger torch, lemon grass, cilantro and a deep fried soft shell crab. Their version aglio olio never lacks of taste and spiciness and the most important thing of all the texture of the noodle is el dente. If you love aglio olio with that hotness, this is something you should order. To be frank, the price for this aglio olio with soft shell crab is reasonable if you compare to other cafes out there.

the embassy cafe madame secretary
Madame Secretary Burger

For burger, we ordered the Madame Secretary (RM 35). What a catchy name for a burger? So what can you expect Madame Secretary? It is a sexy piece of burger comes with crunchy fried buttermilk chicken, swiss cheese, onion ring, sunny-side up egg, honey mustard mayonnaise and French fries. The fried buttermilk chicken is a gorgeous piece of chicken that is deep fried to perfection, crispy on the outer layer and the meat is tender and juicy. Many people tend to over fried the chicken fillet. We love how they lightly toasted the buns with butter and also the crispy onion rings and French fries. It complements well with honey mustard mayonnaise. This is one ‘Madame Secretary’ you should ‘check out’ and it won’t disappoint you.

the embassy cafe grill chicken
Signature Roast Chicken

For main, we ordered their Signature Roast Chicken. It is priced at RM 26 for Quarter and Half at RM 35. It is more economical to order half chicken in our opinion. Since The Embassy don’t pre-cook their food, you have to wait for at least 15 minutes for the roast chicken. It is slow roasted chicken marinated with herbs and spices served with seasonable vegetables and rosemary butter potatoes. You still get the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the texture of the meat. It complements well with the savoury mushroom sauce. We are not big fan of having it with chili sauce as we want to taste the original taste of the chicken.

For desserts, we ordered two desserts, the Sago Kampung Melaka (RM 12) and Eton Mess (RM 15).

the embassy cafe sago kampung melaka
Sago Kampung Melaka

Their version of Sago Kampung Melaka comes with sago, fruits with brown coconut sugar (gula Melaka) and coconut milk (santan). Two things you should know about this Sago Kampung Melaka. It is savoury and it is not too sweet. The taste is spot on. However, if you are the type who enjoys the rich thick and sweet Gula Melaka, this might disappoint you. It is hard to make everyone happy but we enjoyed this.

the embassy cafe eton mess
Eton Mess

The last time we had Eton Mess was some time ago. It comes with mix of meringue, heavy whipped cream and fresh fruits. The taste of this is sweeter than Sago Kampung Melaka. We love this too as you get different texture of the crunchy meringue, the whipped cream and the fresh fruits. It is a symphony of taste at once.

the embassy

Overall, The Embassy Café impressed us and it is not because it is a hipster café or owned by Wak Doyok and his friends but the food is good and the price is reasonable. There are many hipster cafés out there that offers good look but often failed in their food. The Embassy Café is a hidden gem in the Starling Mall and you should drop by if you have not.

They opens daily from 10 am until 10 pm.


The Embassy Café Address and Contact:

S-230, Second Floor, The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7662-5408




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  1. The cafe really does look stylish, with a name to match. These photos are already giving me a good vibe that I should drop by if I ever swing that way.

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