May 31, 2023

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Taiwan Original Cake Opens at Sunway Velocity Cheras

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Taiwan Original Cake Opens at Sunway Velocity Cheras

The Taiwanese popular Original Cake opens its first outlet outside of Taiwan in Malaysia at Sunway Velocity last weekend. Like many ‘new’ restaurants in Malaysia, the reception was good. Customers have to queue up to four hours to order their cake. Thus, we went there yesterday to check out this new kid on the block.

Original Cake in Sunway Velocity, check out the queue.

The Original Cake is originated from Tamshui Taiwan. They have four branches now, one in Shihlin and three in Tamshui Taipei. This outlet in Sunway Velocity is their first outlet outside Taiwan so you don’t get this anywhere else except in Taiwan.

The Original Cake is located on the third floor of Sunway Velocity, same row with Sushi Zanmai at Lot 3-29. The queue was still long when we visited the cake house yesterday.

They are currently having promotion and they offer two flavours so far. The original flavour and the cheese flavour. The original flavour is priced at RM 18 (promo) and cheese flavour at RM 20 (cheese) per cake.

Cutting the cake like a cake ninja.

We didn’t expect to queue two hours for the cake and it is long waiting time as the cake needs time to bake. They bake their cakes fresh and on the spot. There are four ovens running at once and still it can’t cope the demand of the customers. To make it fair, they only allow each customer to purchase two cakes.

With such a long queue, there were impatient customers who complained about the waiting. There were a few angry customers who scolded the staffs for the long waiting time. We believe that everyone has a choice either to wait or to leave. If a person feels he or she can’t wait or can’t queue probably they are special, then just walk away. There is no need for drama in front of everyone.

Left is the cake with cheese flavour and right is the original flavour.

It is an open kitchen concept so you can see the staffs taking out the freshly baked cakes, cut it into 10 pieces and put it in boxes.

Mission accomplished after two hours of queuing.

Two hours in the queue and the constant free smell from the freshly baked cakes, we finally got our cakes. We bought two cheese flavour cakes. The difference between the original and the cheese flavour is they put slices of cheese in between the cake. For additional RM 2 (promo), we go for the cheese flavour.

So how is the taste of this popular cake? You can check out the video.

The texture of the cake is soft and fluffy like sponge cake. In our opinion, it has similar texture like the Uncle Tetsu Cheese cake.

The taste is subtle with fragrance of the eggs but the cheese flavour is light. You would expect more cheese flavour from the cheese. Yet again, our Malaysian taste palettes are strong due to our food here so we might find the taste subtle.

To be frank, it is a tasty cake but not the best out there. When we bought it home, we have mixed reactions on the taste of the cake. Many of us agreed the taste is okay but it is still not worth of the two hours of queuing.

Wait for a few more weeks, we are sure the queue will be shorter. We all Malaysians know that we love to queue for new stuffs. After a while, when the craze is over you can probably buy the cakes without queueing. It won’t be shocking to find new similar outlets by other brands. If it can happen to Japanese baked cheese tarts, it could happens to Taiwan Original Cake.

Taiwan Original Cake Sunway Velocity Address:
Lot 3-29, 3rd Floor,
Sunway Velocity Mall.
Tel: 016-996 9831

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