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Top 25 Travel Bloggers in Malaysia

This year marks our tenth year of blogging. We started blogging for fun and we went through lots of fun, travel, food and met many awesome people and bloggers. Travel blogging wasn’t a big thing ten years ago but now there are hundreds of bloggers claiming to be travel bloggers in Malaysia.

We met and travelled with quite a number of travel bloggers in the past. There are only a handful of pure travel bloggers in Malaysia. Most of the travel bloggers blog about travel with food or lifestyle or fashion. That is why you will see a good mixture of travel and food bloggers and travel and beauty bloggers.

Our criteria of listing these top bloggers including their content, their writing, their popularity, their passion in traveling as well as their activity on their blog.

The Top 25 Travel Bloggers in Malaysia (in general) are:

1.Kampung Boy City Gal

Husband and wife team, Lex and Weizhi is our good friend is a prominent food and travel bloggers. They have been featured in many International medias and they have many inspirational travel stories and itineraries to follow.

2.Malaysia Asia

David Hogan Jr is one of the few pure travel bloggers in Malaysia. He is digital specialist and his stories are focus on Malaysia and Asia. You can find many travel stories and tips on Sabah and Sarawak in his blog. His blog has won many awards by tourism boards in Malaysia.

3. CC Food & Travel

Team husband and wife, Josen and Umei is one of the top food and travel bloggers in Malaysia. They blogged about their food and travel experiences in Malaysia and around the world. They have been featured in many International medias.

4. My Lovely Blue Sky

My Lovely Blue Sky is the top Chinese travel blog in Malaysia. The multiple award winning blog focus on food and travel stories in Malaysia, Singapore and around the world. Sock Peng has been featured in many local medias and now she is based in Singapore.

5. Vkeong

Vkeong is one of the most prominent food bloggers in Malaysia. Before we started, VKeong was a famous food blogger. Now, he blogs about his travel experiences too. Vkeong has been featured in various medias.

6. Places And Foods

Shameless we put ourselves in the list. We won numerous blog awards in food and travel blogging and we are featured in a few local medias. Our blog focus on food and travel in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and around the world. We worked closely with tourism boards from Thailand and Australia.

7.Velvet Escape

Many people didn’t know that Keith Jenkins is a Malaysian. He is now based in Amsterdam offering innovative marketing campaigns called iambassador involving top travel bloggers around the world.

8. She Walks The World

Former Radio DJ Mynn Lee quitted her job in radio station and focusing in traveling now. She purely blogs about travel from her travel experiences in Malaysia, Asia and around the world. Now, she walks the world.

9. Lily Riani 

Lily Riani is one of the few people who is too passionate in traveling. She can be traveling in some part of Europe or some part of Asia. She blogged about her experiences in traveling and also her passion in traveling around the world.

10. Jean

She is our traveling buddy when she is free. Jean is also another crazy traveller. We always wonder how many days of leaves she have annually as she can be traveling almost every month in Asia. Jean blogs in Chinese.

11. Always Travelicious

Kuan Ju blogs about food and travel. What we enjoyed in reading her blog is her food and travel tips. We always bookmarked some of her stories and it is very useful and informative. She travels in Malaysia, Asia and around the world.

12. Ramble and Wanderer

We met Wahab a few years ago in one of the blog competitions. Ramble and Wanderer is an award winning blog with stories in Malaysia and around the world.

13. Squall Cuisine

Squall Chin is a writer and a blogger. Squall Cuisine is a multiple award winning blog and also featured in local medias. He focus on food and travel in Malaysia and Asia. He blogs in Chinese.

14. Faizal Fredley

Faizal Fredley is an award winning blog. Faizal blogs in Malay and focus on his travel experiences in Malaysia, Asia and around the world.

15. Mei Mei Chu

Mei Mei Chu is an up and coming travel blog. Her stories are very inspiring and she has been featured in various medias.

16. Mei Tzeu 

We know Mei Tzue through social media and she is one of the few travel bloggers based in Sabah. She blogs in food and travel.

17. Mr Jocko

Rosmadi or better known as Mr. Jocko blogs in Malay. We travelled together to a few trips to Thailand and we are good buddies. His blog focussed on lifestyle, food and travel.

18. Estica Loves Food

Estica Loves Food is one of the top Chinese travel bloggers in Malaysia. She blogs about food and travel and her focus is on Malaysia and Thailand.

19. Joan Luv

Blogger Joan is a travel enthusiasts and she has been doing many eco-tourism activities. Thus, she visited London recently and you can find many helpful travel tips on her blog. She blogs in Chinese.

20. My Travelicious

We met Abang Fadli late last year during one of the travel events. He blogs about his travel experiences in Malaysia.

21. JZ World

Duncan is one of the few Chinese travel bloggers in Malaysia. He blogs in Chinese and we loved his travel photos he took in Malaysia and Asia.

22. Thats Of Farah

We met Farah many years ago but we didn’t have chance to travel together. A lawyer by day and traveller during her leaves. She is a solo traveller and you can find her in many places in Asia.

23. Nicole Kiss

Nicole Kiss or Nicole Tan is probably the first travel blogger in Malaysia. She took a break from blogging a couple of years ago and now she is back with travel and beauty blogging.

24. J-sun Mag 

Jason Phang is a former Chinese Radio DJ and now start to focus on his food and travel blog. He opened his own café lately but it didn’t stop him in traveling and blogging. He blogs in Chinese on his travel experiences.

25 Azuan Zahdi

Azuan Zahdi is one of the few aviation bloggers in Malaysia. He formerly works in Malaysia Airports and he enjoy traveling around the world with his lovely wife. We usually hang out together in live football matches.

These are the Top 25 Travel Bloggers in Malaysia in our opinion. If you are looking for top travel bloggers from Malaysia, this list will come handy.

Thank you for reading!


14 thoughts on “Top 25 Travel Bloggers in Malaysia

  1. Hi Wilson, thanks for including Ramble and Wander in the list. Didn’t really expect that, haha! Must say am very flattered to be listed in the top 25, alongside the big guys, and by Places and Foods no less. Thanks again!

  2. Hello! I’m a foreigner and i’m thinking of visiting Malaysia. Can someone suggest me places I must visit?

  3. Thank you for this list, Wilson! As a new travel blogger, I constantly need to find inspiration from local travel blogs such as the ones you listed here. I hope someday I might make it into this list too. 🙂

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