June 24, 2024


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Kajang Sg Chua Famous Durian Stall Musang King

It is the early period of durian season this year and it is earlier than usual. Since it is still early, there are not many durian available in the market yet. Hence, the average price for durian are still relatively expensive. With the relaxation of import rules of durian to China last year, durian will not be cheap any more this year as many predicts.

kajang sg chua durian

We are durian lovers like majority of other Malaysians. We heard and know that there is one fruit stall in Sg Chua started selling durians since last week. It is a famous durian stall often visited by locals located near the traffic junction of Jalan Wan Siew and Jalan Kajang Dua. The nameless durian stall is famous for its reasonable durian pricing and quality.

kajang sg chua musang king

We went to check out their durian stall yesterday and they have Musang King durian for RM 45 per kg. During durian season, they are selling at around RM 30. The seller told me that this is very good quality Musang King and they are the cheapest in Kajang.

kajang sg chua musang king filling

We bought a 2kg Musang King and when they opened the durian, you can immediately know the quality with the colour of the durian flesh. The flesh is the strong yellow colour and we asked them to pack it nicely so we can have it at home.

kajang sg chua musang king container

The taste is so good. We had many Musang King last year and not many taste as good as this. The strong flavour of Musang King with its rich durian flesh, 2 kg is not enough. In fact, paying RM 45 per kg for this quality of Musang King is worth it. We never had such good quality Musang King for some time and you can find it in Sg Chua Kajang! The durian stall address and GPS coordinate is as below.


Kajang Sg Chua Famous Durian Stall Address:

Jalan Wan Siew,

Taman Berjaya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

GPS: 2.983144, 101.779812

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