March 22, 2023

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KitKat Japanese Sake Review Limited Edition from Japan

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KitKat Japanese Sake Review Limited Edition from Japan

Last year, KitKat Japan launched a brand new KitKat flavour for Japan. It is called the KitKat Japanese Sake flavour. Sake means rice wine which is a popular alcohol drink among the locals for centuries. We all know there are many varieties of KitKat flavours in Japan such as Japanese Green Tea, Sakura, Dark Chocolate and many others. This KitKat Japanese Sake is probably KitKat’s first alcohol KitKat.

We recently visited Japan for eight days and we enjoyed ourselves. We tasted many local food and also the famous cheese tart Pablo’s own version of ice cream. You can read the review here.

You can find Kitkat Japanese Sake in supermarkets and duty free shops. We bought ours in duty free shop in Kansai International Airport. A box is KitKat Japanese sake is only for 700 Yen. It contains 9 pieces of mini KitKat Japanese Sake.

The Kit Kat Japanese Sake mini pack

First of all, remember to put it in the fridge. Maybe because it contains alcohol, the texture is softer than usual. The outer layer is made from white chocolate and the moment you open the packaging, you can smell the scent of sake (we are not making this up). For those who had sake before, the taste is usually subtle and you will usually get tipsy or drunk after a while. The sake contains 40% and above alcohol content but for KitKat Japanese Sake it is 3% if not mistaken. We enjoy the subtle fragrant scent of sake in the KitKat. This is probably worth the try and for 700 Yen it is pricey for sure.

The Kit Kat Japanese Sake

For now, this probably the most unique and probably the best KitKat ever produced by KitKat Japan. We heard that KitKat Wasabi flavour is tasty too but we haven’t tasted that yet.

If you are going or in Japan, this is probable one of the souvenirs you must get for your KitKat lovers out there. Like we mentioned before, it is available in Duty Free shops in airport for 700 Yen a pack of 9 mini KitKat Japanese Sake.


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