March 25, 2023

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Nara Famous Fast Pounding Mochi Nakatanidou Review

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Nara Famous Fast Pounding Mochi Nakatanidou Review

Nara is popular with its UNESCO World Heritage sites and also the free roaming wild deer. In terms of food, there is one particular shop has been making its name on the Internet. It is called Nakatanidou and it is popular with its famous fast pounding mochi.

What is so special about Nakatanidou?

Mitsuo Nakatani, the owner has been pounding mochi for 24 years

Mitsuo Nakatani, the owner has been pounding mochi for 24 years and he won the national high-speed mochitsuki championship in 2005 and 2006.

Last year, there is a few popular websites carrying his story as the fast pounding mochi man with his signature shouting of ‘haik haik haik’.

We found the shop by chance as we spotted many people in front of Nakatanidou in late afternoon. We manage to capture of video of him pounding the mochi but missing his signature fast pounding session (as we ended the video early).

Fast pounding mochi in action.

What to buy in Nakatanidou?

Big fat piece of yomogi mochi.

They offer many local food products but their signature is the yomogi mochi. A quick glance at the yomogi mochi, it looks like the usual mochi with green colour powder coating the outer layer. Yomogi is the Japanese wild plant and it also known as mugwort and it gives the mocha a unique taste. The texture of the mochi is soft and it comes with generous filling of the red bean. The taste of the red bean is just right and not as sweet as others out there. Since it is made fresh, you will enjoy their yomogi mochi for sure.

Nakatanidou yomogi mochi.

A piece of yomogi mochi is priced at 130 Yen. It is a big piece of yomogi mochi.

What time is the fast pounding mochi by Mitsuo Nakatani?

Like we mentioned earlier, we saw the crowd by chance and it was around 3.30pm. Please ask the shopkeeper for the exact timing.

Where is Nakatanidou located?

Nakatanidou is located along Sanjo Dori road and it is just a stone throw away from Kintetsu Train Station. It is near the exit of Higashimuki Shopping Street next to the train station. Address is as below with the exact GPS coordinate.

Nakatanidou Opening Hours:

10 am to 7 pm daily.


Nakatanidou Address and GPS Coordinate:

Japan, 〒630-8217 Nara-ken, Nara-shi, 橋本町Hashimotochō, 29

GPS Coordinate: 34.681939, 135.828914



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