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20 Things You Should Know If You Plan to Visit Universal Studios Japan

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20 Things You Should Know If You Plan to Visit Universal Studios Japan

We recently visited Universal Studios in Japan and we totally enjoyed it. We brought our parents for a one day trip to Universal Studios Japan and it was fun. We did learn quite a few things or mistakes during our first trip to Universal Studios Japan so you have a clearer idea if you plan to visit USJ for the first time.

usj 20 things

Since we went there with our parents, our trip to Universal Studios Japan was free and easy and we do plan to revisit Universal Studios Japan in the future. That is the main reason we are writing this so you are more prepared to visit Universal Studios Japan.

universal studios japan places and foods

From our day trip experience to USJ, we list down all the 20 Things You Should Know If You Plan to Visit Universal Studios Japan.

1.Train to Universal Studios Japan

universal studios japan train

There is a dedicated train service to Universal Studios Japan and the station is called Universal City Station. You can hop on the train from Osaka Train Station at JR Yumesaki Line to Universal City Station. There is a signage saying the next train to Universal City Station. If you not sure how to get to the train station, use the Google Map like we blogged before. This is the best way to visit Universal Studios Japan with their iconic train.

2.The Universal City

universal city japan

There is a mall in front of Universal Studios Japan and it is called Universal City. You can find many restaurants and retail shops here at Universal city. There are quite a number of good Japanese restaurants and there is also a JUMP shop and GAP factory outlet here.

3.You can buy the ticket online

usj klook ticket

This is probably the most important thing you need to know. You can buy the ticket online for a few reasons. When you purchase your ticket online, you don’t need to queue at the ticket counter, go to the left and show them your printed ticket or QR Code, let them scan and they will let you in.

usj klook

Secondly, you can get it cheaper with authorized online seller like There are many websites claim that they are original reseller but we only trust the one that we used. We purchased four tickets for Universal Studios Japan last month and we have no problems at all. Buy getting your tickets online means you don’t need to queue, cheaper and more convenient for you to as they will email the tickets to you. Be smart, purchase online.

4.Universal Studios Japan is huge

So far, we have been to two Universal Studios, Singapore and Japan. Universal Studios Japan is way bigger than Universal Studios Singapore. Thus, expect to spend the whole day in Universal Studios Japan from day till night. It is highly recommended to go as early as possible when you visit Universal Studios Japan.

universal studio lake

There is a way of getting in early is by getting the VIP Wristband and it will give you earlier access to the park than the normal ticket holders. Getting the VIP Wristband from Klook will give you also FREE HARUKAS 300 Observatory Pass.

Go early so you can spend the whole day in Universal Studios Japan

5.Buy Express Pass

There is a limit on visitors to Universal Studios Parks around the world. Despite the crowd control, there are long queues to all the rides. Some rides require one hour of queue while the popular can take up to 4 hours of queue.

However, there is a way to skip the queue and by purchasing the Express Pass. The Express Pass is an additional pass for you to beat the queue and at Universal Studios, there are different types of Express Passes available. Again, you can purchase them online at

This is something we regretted as we didn’t purchase the express pass but we promised to come again next time with the Express Pass. It is cooler to jump the queue like a boss with the Express Pass.

6.Can I buy the Express Pass at Universal Studios Japan?

Yes, you can if there is Express Pass available on that day. There are limited Express Pass allocated for a day and why do you want to queue up and waste time when you can purchase online? Buy early to avoid disappointment.

7.Why are there so many different types of Universal Express Passes?

There are six different types of Universal Express Passes in Universal Studios Japan. We got confused when we checked on the website. Unlike the Universal express pass in Universal Studios Singapore, there are limitation of rides depending on the type of Universal Express pass you purchase.

usk klook express pass

For Universal Express® Pass 4, you can get express access for 4 selected rides only while for Universal Express® Pass 7, you can get express access for 7 selected rides only.

8.What is Universal Cool Japan 2017?

usj cinema 4d

The uniqueness of Universal Studios Japan is they have the Japanese section with 4 new attractions. They are Evangelion XR Ride, Godzilla, Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter. The Universal Express® Pass 4 and Universal Express® Pass 7 do not cover these four attractions. You can purchase the tickets with 

9.What time Universal Studios Japan opens and closes?

The Universal Studios Japan opens at 8.30 am to 9 am daily and it closes from 7.30pm to 9pm. Some rides closed at 7pm and some extended further and it all depends on the day itself. Always ask the park attendants for more info or check the full schedule here.

10.Get the Map and Schedule at Information Counter

This is something you need to do first. Right after you enter Universal Studios, turn left and you will see the information counter and get the map of the choice of your language. It comes with English, Japanese, Chinese and more.

Without the map, you will be like headless chicken. Like we mentioned earlier, the theme park is huge so it is better you have a map and knows where you are heading. There are many park assistants around and you can always ask them if you are lost. All of them speaks English.

11.You can’t bring in food

This is important as there is no outside food is allowed within Universal Studios Japan. They didn’t check on our mineral water though. Once you are in, you have to eat inside and they will check your bag.

12.Can I re-entry Universal Studios Japan for the same day?

This is one thing you should know. Even though the ticket is a day pass but it means for you to entry any time on that day. If you exit the park, you have to purchase a new ticket. Yes, you can’t re-entry Universal Studios Japan once you exited.

13.Visit The Wizardly World of Harry Potter first

Once you get your map, head on to the Wizardly World of Harry Potter first before it gets crowded. If you are late, you need to take a number to visit this place later. As you enter the Wizardly World Of Harry Potter, you will be transported to the world of JK Rowlings. This is one of the mind blowing experiences in Universal Studios Japan.

Go straight to Hogwarts Castle for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. During peak time, the queue can go up to four hours!

If you do not want to go for the ride, just walk into the line and you see the entrance of the Castle Walk. Talk to the park assistant if you are not sure.

14.Secret spot for taking Hogwarts Castle with reflection

universal studio harry porter reflection

There is a secret spot for taking Hogwarts Castle with reflection with no obstructions. This secret spot is at the courtyard of The Three Broomstick and you can capture the castle with the reflection on the Black Lake. The Three Broomstick is the restaurant within The Wizardly World of Harry Potter and the courtyard is at the back of the restaurant. It is quite easy to find.

15.Must try the Butter Beer at Wizardly World of Harry Potter and experience the special theme food

Well, it is not actually a beer but it is called the butter beer and you can only get it in e Wizardly World of Harry Potter. It is pricey but it is tasty.

universal studio butter beer

There are many theme restaurants and food stalls in Universal Studios Japan. Since you are here, why not trying the special theme food? We know it is not cheap but how often do you visit Universal Studios Japan? Don’t put much expectation on the taste of the food, just be happy with the food presentation.

16.Food in Universal City is better

universal city food

The truth is the food in Universal City is better. We are being honest and you can eat first before you visit Universal Studios Japan and they are still opened till late after the park is closed. There are quite a number of restaurants in Universal City.

17. Shows are in Japanese

All the shows are in Japanese so be prepared for it. The live shows and even the street performances are all conducted in Japanese. The live shows and performances are good so even not knowing what they are speaking, it is good enough for us.

universal studio monsters live

18.The 15th Anniversary Parade

This year is the 15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan so there is a cool 15th Anniversary Parade at 2.30pm. Don’t miss this cool parade as it is for this year only.

19.What time is the Universal Studios Japan Fireworks?

Universal Studios Japan only has fireworks on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve or Christmas Day. There is no more daily fireworks and please take note.

20.Buy the souvenirs

Lastly, you should buy some souvenirs for memory keepsake in Universal Studios Japan. There are many souvenir stores in the park and also there are many different types of souvenirs available. Do check out the clearance sale from time to time in their stores.

universal studios family trip

We hope our experiences and tips will help in planning and preparing your trip to Universal Studios Japan. Thank you for reading and remember to share this to your friends if you like our story. Bookmarked our blog as we will constantly update food and travel tips and experiences.

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