April 20, 2024


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AirAsiaX to fly to London again in 2018

The talk of AirAsiaX to restart the flight from Kuala Lumpur to London started since late 2014. AirAsia X stopped flying to London and Paris in 2012 from Kuala Lumpur but there are many reports that they have approval to fly to Gatwick International Airport in recent months.
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Yesterday, Tony Fernandes hinted on his Facebook that AirAsiaX will fly to London soon.

‘Love london in the sun. People happy. Like malaysia we always smiling. Closing deal and we will soon be Flying to london. With a brand new plane. 2018. Soon to negotiate with airports. I was supposed to absail down The Shard but chickens out.’

Looks like it will be 2018 instead of this year. It is okay, we will wait. I guess everyone is very excited to fly to London again with AirAsiaX with its affordable fares. Malaysians do not require a traveling VISA to UK so that makes it more attractive than traveling to United States. Visa application for United States cost over RM 700 per application. Another great thing about UK is the Pound Sterling rates is still very attractive compare to other currencies.

We just have to wait now for more information and also official announcement of AirAsiaX restarts its flight to London from Malaysia. So everyone get to fly to London again? We shall wait and see. =)

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