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AirAsiaX Restarts Flights to Narita Japan in 2017

Updated: 15/4/2017

Remember AirAsiaX flights from Kuala Lumpur to Narita Japan? It is one of the most popular flights from Malaysia to Japan until they started the route to Haneda. Thus, the route was ceased in 2015.

airasiaX narita
AirAsiaX flies above Narita.

We flew to Narita in 2015 during our trip to Akita Japan and it was a lovely flight. The timing was good as you reach Narita International Airport in the morning versus Haneda International Airport at night.

According to our sources, the flight will be restarting as soon as end of May 2017 but there are no official words about this yet.

The flight to Narita International Airport will be a good alternative to Haneda if the timing is good and if you have a JR pass with you so you don’t need to pay for the train from the airport to Tokyo Station. You can get the cheapest JR Pass for Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan with This is part of Bali – KL – Narita flight by AirAsiaX Indonesia. 

This is good news for Indonesiann travellers as this is the first flight from Indonesia to Japan by AirAsiaX.  Thus, we hope AirAsiaX can revive Nagoya flight one day or add more flights to Japan or increase destinations in Japan.

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