July 22, 2024


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Asian doctor violently removed from United Airlines due to overbooking

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Asian doctor violently removed from United Airlines due to overbooking

A few weeks ago, we read stories on how passengers had to reschedule due to overbooking for a Malaysia Airlines flight during Chinese New Year. Flight overbooking is not common but it happens to many airlines around the world. This morning, this story of United Airlines violently remove an Asian doctor in US because of overbooking shocked us.

Asian doctor violently removed and you spot the bloodied mouth. Picture (@JAYSEDAVID VIA TWITTER)

This happens on the flight to Louisville (Flight 3411) and after all the passengers boarded the flight, United Airlines asked for volunteers to give up their seats to four United Airlines employees who needed to be in Louisville on Monday for a flight.


It was reported United offers $400 and and then $800 vouchers and hotel stays for the seat offers. However no one budged and they announced that the passengers would be randomly selected for removal. When it comes to random, an Asian was picked. The Asian claimed he is a doctor and needed to board that flight because he had an appointment with a patient the next morning.


Next, the officers violently removed the Asian from his seat. He got knocked on his mouth and it was bloodied.

The backlash of the incident started when the videos of the incident went viral and many condemned the incident and many started the hashtag #BoycottUnited on Twitter. It is still trending and many are still visibly angry with the whole incident.

We never fly with United Airlines before and we don’t intend to in the future regardless how cheap or how good is their deal. Thanks but no thanks.

We always complain Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia for bad service but nothing can compare to this.

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