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Healthy Noodles at Bai Wei Cuisine Desa Sri Hartamas

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Healthy Noodles at Bai Wei Cuisine Desa Sri Hartamas

There is a new restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas and it is called Bai Wei Cuisine. The restaurant is located at 38G, Jalan 28/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas and there are many parking spaces available here. That is quite important especially for family with children. You don’t need to waste time looking for parking spaces and this part of Desa Sri Hartamas is not as busy as the other side.

bai wei cuisine
Bai Wei Cuisine Desa Sri Hartamas

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary restaurant but what is more important is the food. They offer a variety of noodles and local delicacies. What we like about this restaurant is the simplicity and coffee shop style of ambience, thus it is fully airconditioned.

A glance at the menu, most of the food is priced below RM 10 per plate. Considering this is a restaurant and located in Desa Sri Hartamas, the food prices here are very affordable.

We were there for lunch so we tried most of their signature dishes.

For snacks, we ordered Fried Dumpling (RM 7) and Bai Wei Trio Platter (RM 10)

bao wei fried dumpling
Fried Dumpling (RM 7)

Fried Dumpling is something you will order if you like ‘gaozi’ or gyoza. It is nice to complement with vinegar ginger sauce.

bao wei trio platter
Bai Wei Trio Platter (RM 10)

For the Bai Wei Trio Platter, it is quite reasonable as there are three types of fried food made from fish paste. The skin of it is crispy and this is addictive snacks. Sinful but addictive.


bao wei mee pok
Signature Mee Pok (RM 7.50)

For main, it is only RM 7.50 and the bowl of Signature Mee Pok comes with generous amount of minced pork and crispy pork lard. What we love is the noodle and the texture is el dente. The fragrant of the crispy pork lard makes the noodles tasty and the beauty is there is no MSG according to the owners.


bao wei celery noodles
Celery Noodles (RM 8)

Talking about healthy noodles, this is the one you should order. The celery noodles. Rachel definitely falls in love with this as she loves celery. What we like about this how they make the noodles using celeries. The whole bowl looks green with the fish balls and the fish cakes. For health conscious people, this is the one you should try.


bao wei homemade noodles
Golden Homeland Noodles (RM 8.50)

This is another noodle we enjoyed at Bai Wei Cuisine. This bowl of goodness comes with egg noodles, rice cake, minced pork, poached egg and pork lard. Mix the noodles together and you get the flavour from each ingredient and also the different textures from the soft egg to the crispy pork lard. This is only for RM 8.50 at Desa Sri Hartamas? What a steal.

Overall, we enjoyed the noodles here as the flavours are not too strong and no MSG. The food prices here are very reasonable with lots of parking spaces and this is a good place for lunches, dinners and weekends with families. Want some good food without burning a big hole in your pocket, visit Bai Wei Cuisine at Desa Sri Hartamas.

Opening Hours: 8 am to 10 pm daily


百味濃 Bai Wei Cuisine Address and Contact:

Address: 38G, Jalan 28/70A,

Desa Sri Hartamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-2389 3701


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