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Audition for Malaysia First JAV Male Actor in Kuala Lumpur

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Audition for Malaysia First JAV Male Actor in Kuala Lumpur

In a very interesting news unrelated with places and foods, Japan AV company Tokyo Dreams will be coming to Kuala Lumpur to look for male porn actors. You probably have heard about their JAV audition in Singapore, they did find some potential male actors according to SundayRegister.com. A total of 25 men attended the auditions but only five were selected and given contract for training in Tokyo Japan.

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Tokyo Dreams, the Japanese AV studio based in Tokyo pans to hold their first casting in Kuala Lumpur in June 2017. Studio recruitment manager Shime Tashiaki hope to find more talented actors in their Malaysian auditions. Actors will need to perform a scene from their favourite JAV titles but in front of the entire camera crews.

Okay, for those who are so eager to meet Maria Ozawa recently who visited Kuala Lumpur, now you stand a chance to become Malaysia’s first JAV male porn actor. You will be in action with JAV actresses professionally and getting paid for it.

According to PressUnion.Org for the Singapore auditions were subject of tight secrecy and the producers will not publically announcing the time or location in advance. Thus, the actual location of the audition and timing will be revealed last minute with clues. That’s the reason only 25 men managed to solve the clue and found the actual audition in a venue in Geylang.

For those who wants to try their luck for KL auditions, expect the same tactic will be used to reveal the venue and timing.

We are not sure the legality of the KL audition as this is not a ‘usual’ audition or maybe there will be it will only pure casting only. According to SundayRegister.com, the timing and location for the KL auditions will be announced when a venue is booked and the date to be from ‘mid to late June’.

So whoever who wants to be JAV male porn actor, this is your chance. Remember, Japanese Yen exchange rates is good right now so the pay will be good.

The talk of audition for Malaysia’s first JAV male actor has been ongoing for the past few years. Like we mention the legality of the audition will be in questioned on whether is pure casting or some ‘action’ will be included. So who wants to be Malaysia’s first JAV male porn actor?

Please take note that we are unable to confirm the authenticity of the sources from PressUnion.Org and SundayRegister.com.


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