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Where to buy cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 in Malaysia?

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Where to buy cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 in Malaysia?

For those who missed the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S8 in Malaysia, where to buy the unit cheap? Please take note that Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S8 is the latest smartphone by Samsung and it is only launched recently. Thus, getting a cheap unit is tough as it is still very new in the market.

s8 malaysia

We have been using Samsung mobile phone for years. We are using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge right now and in the past as we used Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. The reason we didn’t change to a newer model smartphone as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is still working fine.

What’s new for Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the best smartphone in the market right now. It is water and dust proof so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty and wet. The screen got bigger and sharper too. The curve is unbelievable classy and the phone is faster too.

samsung s8
Picture from Samsung.com.my

The best part is camera is still awesome even though there is no dual lens. The finger print censor for better securities. Dual sim card for those who are traveling often and also the battery life is longer and no more overheating issues.

For those who knows about Samsung Pay, this phone supports for sure so you don’t need to carry your credit cards anymore. It is safer and better. That’s why we rated Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably the best smart phone in the market now.

The retail price for Samsung Galaxy S8 is RM 3,299.00 and do you believe it we can get it cheaper?

Carousell App.

We found a community app/website called Carousell and there are many sellers selling below retail price. The reason is most of these units are used with warranty of course.


carousell s8
Checking on Samsung Galaxy S8 phones on Carousell.

What we like about Carousell is it is easy and safe to use. Thus, we find it is very easy to search and navigate. The plus point is you are buying it from someone in community and you can chat with them before you purchase it.

We found a great deal like in the picture, Samsung Galaxy S8 for RM 2799.00 instead or RM 3299.00

carousell s8 seller
There are actually seller Samsung Gallaxy S8 at RM 2799.00


If you browse thru the app, there are also many good deals in the marketplace. So if you are looking for a cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 in Malaysia, go visit Carousell. It is available on Android Play Store and iPhone IOS Store. Share this awesome tips with your friends and good luck in getting the best deals out of Carousell!

carousell group
Groups in Carousell.

So check out Carousell now and check out the deals they have there. Carousell is the best marketplace to get the best deals for Samsung Galaxy S8 and other smart phones and gadgets. Good luck!

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