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Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼 in Pudu Kuala Lumpur

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Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼 in Pudu Kuala Lumpur

You probably read it or seen it in our websites or blogs or on Facebook. It is called Fatt Kee Roast Fish or Ah Fa Roast Fish or in Chinese it is called 發記招牌特色烤鱼. Most of the reviews out there are written in 2016 and we just visited them recently. They have two outlets now and a new one by the road side.

fatt kee roast fish signature roast
Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼

The new outdoor stall is by Jalan Seladang (opposite the famous Chen Chen BBQ Goose) while we recommend you to go to the original outlet at 25, Lorong Yap Hin. It is air conditioned shop lot there and brighter than the outdoor stall.

fatt kee roast fish pudu
Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼 in Pudu
fatt kee roast fish pudu shop
Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼in Pudu

We were there as our friends from UK dropped by in KL for a short holiday. Why not bring them for a good seafood feast? Since we read so many good reviews on Fatt Kee Roast Fish, let’s try and see how does it really taste like.

fatt kee roast fish 2017 menu
Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼 2017 Menu

A look at the menu, the seafood prices are not that expensive at all. We didn’t order the luxury dinner as it was only four of us so we ordered their signature roast seafood with a few add on.

fatt kee roast fish 2017 menu 2
Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼 2017 Menu

We ordered the set with the Jin Feng fish and we also added other shellfish such as scallop, lala and green mussel. For the taste of the broth, we ordered the non-spicy version and we added the spicy broth halfway.

To be frank their non-spicy broth is flavourful and strong in taste. It is slightly salty but it goes well with white rice. For their seafood, it is very fresh and we enjoyed the roasted Jin Feng fish. They kept the gas switched on so the food in the tray is still hot. You can always switch it off anytime you want and you can request them to refill the broth. The fish is roasted and sunk inside the broth. Most important of all it is fresh and same goes to other seafood like prawns and la la.

fatt kee roast fish signature roast spicy
Fatt Kee Roast Fish 發記招牌特色烤鱼 Spicy Level 1

Since we tasted the non-spicy broth so we add on the least spicy broth. We read many reviews talking about how spicy with their chili broth and it is indeed. We regretted adding on the spicy broth actually. The spicy broth carries slight hint of sourness but the taste is too intense and spicy for us. We will recommend the non-spicy broth to taste the freshness and goodness of the seafood. The spiciness will overcome the original taste of the seafood in our opinion. There are six level of spiciness available for the broth and we give up on the first level.

fatt kee roast fish placesandfoods

Overall, we enjoyed the food in Fatt Kee Roast Fish and will come back again for more. They don’t take reservation so be there early to get your table and the crowd starts coming in after 7pm. Fatt Kee Roast Fish Pudu 發記招牌特色烤鱼 opens from 5pm to midnight daily. 

Famous Fatt Kee Roast Fish in Pudu Address and GPS:

25, Lorong Yap Hin, Off Jalan Pasar, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS Coordinate: 3.135711, 101.715743

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