November 28, 2023


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Getting Three Macau Tourist SIM Card in Macau International Airport

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Getting Three Macau Tourist SIM Card in Macau International Airport

There are three telco companies offering tourist SIM cards in Macau and they are Three, CTM and Smartone. However, only Three is available in Macau International Airport.

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You won’t find stalls like Bangkok with dozens of salespersons offering tourist SIM card to you once you exited the airport. Instead there is only one place you can get the tourist SIM card which is at 7 Eleven at the Arrival Hall.

They only offer Three and we bought the three days pass for HK$100.  The sim card is valid for 180 days after activation and it is ‘unlimited’ data. The data connection will slow down once you hit the 1GB usage but there are many places in Macau offers FREE WIFI (even the shuttle busses) so the question is do you really need to buy one?

The installation of the Three SIM Card is easy and you can activate the card within minutes. Everything is on the instruction manual. For more info, you can visit their website at

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