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Is Uber Legal in Macau?

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Is Uber Legal in Macau?

Is Uber legal in Macau? The last time we visited Macau was in 2015. Uber didn’t exist at that time and they entered the market in 2016. Since then, they have over 2000 drivers and the drivers faced fines of 10 million patacas (US$ 1.25 million).  Uber is illegal in Macau and they decided to stay on after received 23,000-plus online signatures in support of its service.


Taking Uber in Macau

It is the same of taking Uber in the rest of the world. You need to have the Uber app and just request for a ride.

You have to take the front seat as the authorities still targeting Uber rides. There are no recent incidents of arrest this year but you never know.


When you switched on your Uber App in Macau, you will receive this notification. At least you know, you have the Uber to cover you up when things go wrong.


The interesting part of Uber in Macau is you get really cool cars. We got a Mercedes B Class and sometimes you can get Mercedes C Class as well.

Uber is illegal in Macau but it is one good alternative transportation option. The cheapest option is bus if you know the bus numbers or use the hotels shuttle busses for free or just use the taxis. Taxi starts their meter from 17 patacas. Read all our stories on Macau here.


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