June 16, 2024


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Bifido Just Drink (純萃。喝) is available in AEON Mid Valley now!

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Bifido Just Drink (純萃。喝) is available in AEON Mid Valley now!

So when 7 Eleven Malaysia brought in Taiwanese famous beverage Just Drink or Chun Chui He (純萃。喝) two weeks ago in selected outlets, the drink was sold out on its first day. This is the same when 7 Eleven Singapore brought in the famous beverage made by Bifido last year.

aeon mid valley just drink
It is now available in AEON Mid Valley.

Last week, 7 Eleven Malaysia restocked and we found out that AEON Mid Valley also starts selling the drink! Currently they are selling three flavours and they are Latte, Milk Tea and Rose Tea.

Since we did a tasting video, you can watch it below.

They are selling at RM 8.90 which is 5 sen cheaper than 7 Eleven Malaysia. There are still lots of stock when we went to AEON Mid Valley on Friday so you can try your luck.

aeon mid valley just drink teas

We tasted the Rose Honey Milk Tea flavour, which is similar to Milk Tea flavour with additional hint of rose and honey.

Overall like we mentioned in the video, Just Drink (純萃。喝) drinks in general are not that sweet and it didn’t carry that strong flavours that you might expect. So far, we have tasted four flavours and our favourite is the latte flavour.

What we like about this product is you can reuse the bottle for daily usage. The design and quality of the bottle is pretty decent so you can re-use it as a drinking water bottle. It is handy for ladies to put in handbags.

The competition starts to heat up a little bit right now as Just Drink (純萃。喝) can be found in selected 7 Eleven outlets and AEON Mid Valley.

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