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Setagaya Ramen in Haneda International Airport

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Setagaya Ramen in Haneda International Airport

What to eat in Haneda International Airport? Is there any good and reasonable food or restaurant in the airport? Haneda International Airport is not a huge airport but you still can find some good food and restaurants. Setagaya Ramen is one of them.

Setagaya Ramen opened its first store in Setagaya-ku and they have a few outlets in United States of America and they are in New York and New Jersey. They were part of the ‘Best of New York, restaurant section’ in 2008.

setagaya haneda
Setagaya Ramen in Haneda International Airport

Setagaya Ramen is located on the 4th floor (Edo Market) section in Haneda International Airport. It is usually packed with customers so queue up for a seat. There are only 24 seats available in the restaurant so be patient.

setagaya haneda vending machine
The vending machine at Setagaya Ramen Restaurant. Pay first and then order.

It is a typical ramen shop so you have to pay at the vending machine, get your ticket and pass it to them. They will cook the noodle based on your receipt so there is no argument on taking the wrong order or not paying for the food.

setagaya haneda pork ramen
Look at the texture of that pork!

What you need to know is most of the ramen in Setagaya Ramen is priced at 800 Yen++ a bowl and above. This is quite reasonable considering the restaurant is in the airport and hence the long queue.

We ordered two ramen, the ‘Char Siew’ ramen for 830 Yen and Setagaya Ramen with all Toppings for 1080 Yen.

setagaya haneda ramen all topping
This is the Setagaya Ramen with all the toppings, the whole shebangs. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

We won’t go detail on the tasting but the broth and the noodle is pretty good. In fact, most ramen shops or restaurants in Japan taste better than the ones we have in Malaysia in general. Any ramen shop including the budget one taste better than the pricey ones in Malaysia.

The noodle is tangy, the broth is delicious and the ‘char siew’ is pretty good. This is a hidden gem in Haneda International Airport honestly.

If you are looking for comfort food without breaking a hole in your wallet in Haneda International Airport, Setagaya Ramen is one of the places you can visit. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

The restaurant is located at the Arrival Hall (before you enter the Gates section), it is at the 4th floor and you can visit the restaurant after you check in your luggage.

Opening Hours: 5 am until 11.50 pm

Setagaya Ramen Address:

4th Floor, Edo Section

Haneda International Airport

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