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12 Reasons To Stay in The Heritage Suites Hotel in Siem Reap Cambodia

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12 Reasons To Stay in The Heritage Suites Hotel in Siem Reap Cambodia

When it comes to stay in Siem Reap, you will be spoilt with choices. How to pick the ideal accommodation for your next stay? For us, it is simple. We always find the right hotel with the best reasons.

On our recent trip to Siem Reap, we stayed in The Heritage Suites for three nights and we fell in love with it. Based on our stay and experience, we listed 12 Reasons To Stay in The Heritage Suites Hotel in Siem Reap Cambodia and they are:

1.Boutique Luxury Hotel

You want to stay in luxury hotel but you want more privacy and cozy, then you should choose a boutique luxury hotel. When it comes to this category, The Heritage Suites is one of the best in Siem Reap. They have established themselves as one of the best boutique luxury hotels in Siem Reap since 2006. They are very reputable in Siem Reap as the sophisticated boutique luxury hotel.

2.The VIP Transfer Service

This is one of the surprises of staying in The Heritage Suites in Siem Reap. You get VIP Transfer Service from the airport to the hotel. The VIP Transfer Service comes with a vintage luxury Mercedes Benz with the driver. This is what is the ‘extra values’ of staying in The Heritage Suites, you get VIP treatment like celebrity because you are a guest.

Once we sat in the car, we were given cold towers and drinks. As we stroll past the streets of Siem Reap, we become the center of attention like a celebrity. The VIP Transfer Service is available on additional request with add on rates.

3.The Design

The first impression of The Heritage Suites is it feels like going back time. The design and architecture of the building gives us the ‘colonial’ type of ambience.

You want to stay in hotel that represents Cambodia and The Heritage Suites nailed it in terms of architecture and design. To be frank every corner of this hotel is so picture and Instagram worthy.

4.The Location

The location of the hotel is within the city and next to a local school. What we like about this place is it is quiet and calm at night. It is just a few minutes of ‘tuk tuk’ ride to the city and they blends perfectly in this quiet neighbourhood.


One of the highlights of The Heritage Suites is the privacy. They only offer suites and they are 26 suites in total. Thus, it is a very intimate and private boutique hotel. When you go for holiday, you want privacy and The Heritage Suites can offer that. This hotel offers the space and privacy that many other hotels can’t offer.

6.Swimming Pool

Did you check out the picture of the swimming pool? This is a saltwater pool and imagine dipping into this pool after a long day exploring the temples of Angkor like Tomb Raider. The weather in Siem Reap is usually hot and dipping and chilling in the pool with a glass of cocktails is the perfect thing to do. Since there are only a handful of suites in this hotel, the swimming pool is usually quiet with a few guests and you can enjoy your swim or sun tan here.

7.The Suite

There are four different types of suites available in The Heritage Suites and they are the Classic Suites, Bungalow Suites, Executive Suites and Red Poppy Suites. We stayed at the Bungalow Suites.

Watch the video below as we explore the Bungalow Suites.


8.The Breakfast

Hotel breakfasts are always dull. You probably having the same breakfast buffet every day. However in The Heritage Suites, you get to order unlimited ala-carte breakfast. They have local and western breakfast and you will be spoilt with choices.

The egg benedicts they offered for an example is one of the best we had for a very long time. The breakfast is so good, we look forward for it every morning.

9.The Service

Before you enter the hotel, the working staff will open the door and invites you in. Then, he or she will prepare a cold towel with a glass of cold drink. This is the service you are getting at The Heritage Suites.


Whenever you walk passed anyone of them, they will greet you. This is service and hospitality of a true boutique luxury hotel that you can hardly find in Malaysia.

10.The Heritage Spa by Bodia

The intimate and stylish Heritage Spa features one single and two couple’s treatment rooms. They are equipped with steam baths, rain showers and over-sized bathtubs, the spa blends modern luxury with Cambodian grace. Pampered your body with one of the best spas in Siem Reap and trust us, you won’t regret it

11.The Heritage Adventures

The Heritage Suites offer their own Heritage Adventures to cater unique and custom made adventures to suit your needs. Some of the activities provided by them are unique and you can’t get it in other places.

Booking the activities with them gives you the peace of mind as the staffs are well trained and professional.


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14 thoughts on “12 Reasons To Stay in The Heritage Suites Hotel in Siem Reap Cambodia

  1. I would be so happy to be that celebrity just like you did!
    I hope that I will be visiting there too soon.
    Gonna force my friends to agree to my idea! Hehe

  2. The hotel looks so grand and welcoming! It must have been a great experience staying there! I will definitely stay there when I head to Siem trap next time

  3. I believe this hotel have that distinct gentleman personality, and its very appealing. Plus wow for the service vintage car! I don’t know if 5-star hotel here in Manila use vintage cars.

  4. My goodness this place is beautiful…and truly majestic…i wonder when I can go to Cambodia now…hahahha

  5. I would fall in love with such a beautiful hotel as well. These are some of the things that make me feel sad about leaving!

  6. We’ve been to Cambodia but only stayed in a cheap hotel. We’ve passed this hotel and it is so beautiful. Can’t wait to return to Cambodia and stay in this hotel. The pool is to die for!

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