June 22, 2024


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Sony RX10 III Review with Pictures and 4K Videos

Are you planning to buy the new Sony RX10 III? Well, if you do so then you might interested read our review. We have been using Sony RX10 series with the first series three years ago. Then we are named as the KOL (key opinion leader) for Sony RX10 II in Malaysia. Now, we moved on Sony RX10 III.

sony rx10 III
Sony RX10 III

We have been using Sony RX10 III for over two months now and we travelled to countries like Macau, Japan and Cambodia with this new camera.

sony disneysea wide
Tokyo Disneysea Parade at 24mm.

Compare with Sony RX10 II, the new camera is slightly heavier and it got bigger lens size of 72 mm compare to 67mm. Thus, the Sony RX10 III comes with aperture of f/2.4 (min) and the zoom increases to 600mm (max).

sony disney sea long zoom
Tokyo Disneysea Parade at 600mm.

When you zoom in to 100mm and above, the aperture will increase from f/2.4 to f/4. Compare to Sony RX10 II where it can get constant f/2.8 with 200mm, Sony RX10 III will hit aperture f/4 from 100mm onwards.

Sony RX10 III is missing the internal ND filter. This is probably one key feature we missed the most in our honest opinion.

For those who are upgrading from Sony RX10 I/II to Sony RX10 III, batteries are the same so you don’t need to reinvest for that.

For the video format, you have options of MP4, AVCHD, XAVC S HD or XAVC S 4K. All the formats are supported on Youtube as we always upload our videos raw. You can check out our Sony RX10 III videos on Youtube Here.

For the HFR (High Frame Rate) settings, the Record Setting can go from 25p 50M to 50p 50M, Frame Rate from 250 fps, 500 fps to 1000 fps.

In terms of usability, the longer zooms capabilities make it more handy and versatile. You can photograph birds or sports with this. Please don’t forget that you don’t need to change lens when using Sony RX10 III. That saves you lots of hassles and also minimised the space you need when you travel.

sony bayon
Bayon temple in Cambodia.

We will update this page more once we captured more pictures. If you need a versatile travel camera, Sony RX10 III is the one you can seriously consider. For more information on Sony RX10 III, visit Sony.com.my.

Retail for Sony RX10 III is at RM 6,599.00 (excluding GST).


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