December 7, 2023


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Broga Hill Is Temporary Closed for Public

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Broga Hill Is Temporary Closed for Public

Broga Hill is a popular hiking hill in Selangor in Semenyih. We hiked Broga Hills in 2009 with our friends and we enjoyed it. Many will go there for a morning hike and it will probably take a half day including lunch in Semenyih. It takes an hour to drive from the city centre to Broga Hills. The bad news is Broga Hill is closed for three months for public. This was announced by Selangor State tourism, environment, green technology and consumer affairs exco Elizabeth Wong 0n her Facebook Page.

Bukit Broga, the popular hiking site in Hulu Langat, will be closed for about 3 months to facilitate restoration works following unauthorised encroachment and clearing of land to plant rubber trees.

There has been reports of soil erosion on the hill due to the terracing of its surrounding area, which had resulted in nearby rivers now being polluted. And of course, it poses risks to hikers as well.

In these 3 months, restoration works will include covering the hill’s slopes to halt erosion via hydro-seeding technology, constructing a berm drain on the terrace to ensure smoother water flow, and planting signal grass to stop soil erosion. A new road will also be constructed for visitors.

It is announced yesterday so if it takes around three months then it should open in late November or early December 2017.

It is better to shut down Broga Hill now as the state government plans to do the restoration work as well as the new roads for visitors. Safety first and we shall wait until the official announcement on the re-opening of Broga Hill again in the future.

Thus, if you are planning to hike Broga Hill it is closed for three months now. Share it among your friends so they are aware of this. It is not cool if you drive all the way to Broga Hill to find out it is closed for three months. Sharing is caring.

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