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KLIA2 Thai Odyssey Spa and Foot Massage Review

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KLIA2 Thai Odyssey Spa and Foot Massage Review

What do you know when you transit or you have ample of time at KLIA 2? Will you go for food, shopping or simply chill until your next flight? We have a good suggestion for you, go for a massage at Thai Odyssey in KLIA2.

thai odyssey klia2 interior
Thai Odyssey KLIA 2 Interior

They are strategically located in Level 2M-1, next to Plaza Premium Lounge. What I like about this outlet is it operates from 6 am until midnight daily. Please take note that they are not located in the departure or arrival lounge.

We know there are many travellers transiting in KLIA 2 and it makes perfect sense to have a massage in Thai Odyssey. For my case, I reached KLIA 2 after a long flight from Haneda Tokyo. After days of non-stop walking, I decided to have a foot massage after I landed in KLIA 2. It was 6.30 am so I took an hour of foot massage and then only taking a Grab back home and have a good rest.

thai odyssey klia2
Thai Odyssey KLIA 2

You might wonder who goes for massage at 6.30 am in KLIA2? KLIA 2 is a very busy airport and I spotted a couple of travellers doing their massage therapy as there are a couple of luggage in the store.

The beauty of Thai Odyssey outlets is they have the cozy ambiance. They adapt the same interior design in most of their outlets nationwide. The staffs are well trained and the therapists are well trained and experienced from Thailand.

thai odyssey klia2 foot scrubbing
Foot scrubbing session in Thai Odyssey KLIA2.

I usually prefer their Thai body massage but I decided to have a foot massage after my walking trip in Tokyo. If you choose any spa therapy, they will offer a free mandatory foot scrubbing session. Something extra from Thai Odyssey.

thai odyssey klia 2 foot massage room
Thai Odyssey KLIA 2 Foot Massage Therapy Room

The foot massage therapy room is spacious and it has the see-through glass over the busy KLIA2. I wasn’t alone as there was another traveller doing the foot massage therapy.

The important thing of foot massage therapy is the skills, the accuracy of the pressure points and also the strength of the technique. I love my massage therapy to be in ‘mild strength’ but the most important point is they are hitting the right pressure points. It will be soothing and comfortable ‘in a way’ that you can fall asleep.

After the foot massage therapy, you should feel light on your foot and you can feel the lesser pressure on your legs especially after walking non-stop for a couple of days.

There are many foot massage spas out there but having a good one is not easy. That’s why when I see a Thai Odyssey outlet, I will usually spend some time to have a massage therapy to pamper myself. The main reasons why I am a regular customer of Thai Odyssey is the professionalism, the cleanliness and the quality of the therapy.

If you are in KLIA 2 and you have ample of time, you can consider visiting Thai Odyssey. They many different types of massage therapies available. For more info, visit http://thaiodyssey.com/

Opening Hours:

6.00 am – 12.00 am (Monday to Sunday)

Thai Odyssey KLIA 2 Address and Contact:

 L2M-1, gateway@klia2, KL International Airport,, Jalan KLIA 2/1, Sepang, 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-8787 8266

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