February 9, 2023

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Breakout at Avenue K Escape Room Experience Kuala Lumpur

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Breakout at Avenue K Escape Room Experience Kuala Lumpur

Not sure what to do over with your group of friends? Looking for a place for team building in Kuala Lumpur? How about trying out Breakout at Avenue K (opposite Petronas Twin Tower). The concept is you get to lock in the room with a group of your friends and you have to try to escape it based on the clues. Interesting? Read more to find out.

Breakout at Avenue K Escape Room Experience Kuala Lumpur

Breakout is one of the latest entertainment trends that offer reality escape gaming experiences with various theme rooms from 2 to 8 players per room. What is interesting about Breakout is they offer combination of escape games with real-time role playing strategies. Every player gets to a ‘special’ power to play in the room. This will give the players an additional ‘character role’ in escaping out of the room.

For your information, Breakout is a Malaysian brand and it is rated as No 1 on Tripadvisor Malaysia under Fun and Games with over 700 honest reviews from customers worldwide since 2014. It is also expanded to many countries worldwide such as Canada, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and more.

One of the theme rooms in Breakout.

The beauty of Breakout is they offer 12 unique thematic game rooms for players to explore and to choose. Each room is designed to have its own storyline, mind boggling puzzle, tasks and stratagems that have to be completed within 45 minutes. Players will choose the room they want to play and they will be blindfolded and locked in the game room. Depending on the game room theme, some players are divided, trapped and even handcuffed based on the storyline. Remember, each player has its own ‘character role’ to change the course of the game. You have to play at Breakout to know the purpose and role of these ‘character role.

Games we played: Cerebrum

If you know the meaning of cerebrum, you will be surprised that the room is entirely different than what it means. I won’t spoil the game but when we were in the room, we were locked in small room with a door. It feels like twilight zone and that very intriguing background music.

I won’t reveal how to escape from this room but it is not easy even though the difficulty for Cerebrum is 6/10. This room needs lots of communications and team work. There will be lots of frustrations during the game and you have to deal with it. If the players have certain ‘character role’, they can use it to escape the room.

In reality, we didn’t escape from the Celebrum room. It needs more than team work and definitely more to solving puzzles. We were timed out after 45 minutes and we were frustrated.

Feels like in the Twilight Zone, this is the sight and sound that will makes the game surreal and tougher to for you to escape.

After the game master told us the whole sequence and true meaning behind the story line of the room, we were very impressed by the concept of it. The connectivity between the puzzles and games into the story line is absolutely genius. When all the puzzles matched together, it is not all about the escaping the room but also the truth about the room. We won’t spoil it so you need to play it to understand.

Breakout is now available at Avenue K and NU Sentral. With the Entertainer App, you can now buy one Game Session and get another Game Session for FREE. All you have to do just purchase The Entertainer App from Google Play Store or IOS Store.

For the usual price for the ENTERTAINER App is RM 145 but if you can use our code WILSON2017 or click the link (https://goo.gl/FXdKCA) to get it at 10% off RM 75 which more than 45% OFF the normal price. Get it now and save more!

If you haven’t played any escape room games before or even you did, you should try Breakout with your friends, families or colleagues. With the Entertainer App, you can save more and play more!

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