February 5, 2023

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Julie’s Wafers Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cubes is our new favourite snack

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Julie’s Wafers Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cubes is our new favourite snack

A few weeks ago, we found a new snack called Julie’s Wafers in the supermarket. As Julie’s was my childhood favourite (think of Love Letters and Marie biscuits!) and we love wafer cubes, we bought a few packets of Julie’s Wafers in Chocolate Hazelnut flavour to try!

It was love at first crunch. The wafer cubes taste really good. The outer layer is crunchy and when you take a bite, you can taste the creamy consistency of the chocolate and hazelnut blended to perfection. What we like about the wafer cubes is that it is not too sweet and the taste of the cream is not too overpowering that it masks the wafer biscuit taste that we enjoy. It is just as how the perfect wafer should be: crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, but most importantly very satisfying to the tummy.

The wafer cubes are also bite-size, making it the perfect munching snack as you can have one at a time, even for kids. Our boys love it and you can watch the video below to see him enjoying it. Too bad mummy said not to have too many so late at night!

Luckily, the Julie’s Wafers Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cubes have very practical packaging. You can re-keep it once you open the packet thanks to the air tight sealing, so you don’t need a container to keep it once opened. Our boys sneakily took some to munch from the cupboard the next day and guess what gave it away? The crunch of the wafer cubes! It was still very delicious.

Since we bought the first pack, we’ve had our second, third and many more packs. Rachel brought it to office for work and I bought it for the family.

This is our new favourite snack especially when I’m working on blogposts and our kids love this too. We pack some for the boys to bring to school as their break-time snack to share with their friends too. Our advice on eating Julie’s Wafers Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cubes is take it slow and easy as you can easily finish it too fast!

We have been stocking it for the family and the seal lock makes it handy to keep.

If you haven’t try Julie’s Wafers Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cubes yet, go and get one too! There’s also the Peanut Butter flavour available and we liked it too!

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